Ron Rivera Press Conference | Week 8: Washington at Broncos

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  1. Please bring DeSean Jackson back. He is available. Taylor Heineke is not the problem. He needs somebody to throw to. Once he has his full cast around him we will win. Many may think I'm crazy but I believe we come off the bye and beat Tampa Bay.

  2. We need a new quarterback and coach because this coach is to easy on his players the NfL should always let other players play because that's what the get paid for, not sitting on the bench drinking gatorade.

  3. He's talking about Mortgaging the future for a franchise QB that's what we need to do. Defense ain't progressing so what are we giving up really ? I get it we have alot of talented guys but when talent isn't producing its time to go RON lol

  4. Right the Coaching? Needs a change by now people. Not training them or QB? Had one they let go back them who had a Arm and legs to move with a poor O line. 😡🤬👎 2-6+ Not looking better still again. I will not waste my time on their games that don't produce both ends. Own mistakes!

  5. I think injuries are hurting this team the team is starting to emerge on defense and the offense is producing but red zone and qb play are the issue if Ron can make some changes on offense and the team is healthy coming out of the bye then they have a chance although very small to emerge but they need to infuse some veteran energy or talent make a trade for a player on offense and defense

  6. Does anyone remember the scene from Thin line Between Love and Hate. When Martin showed up late to Brandy's birthday? Played by Lynn Whitfield. She told Darnell. He was beginning to bore her. That's the way I'm starting to feel about Rivera. One MFn excuse after another!

  7. Why not field Cam Newton I dont understand, this offense is built for him Heinicke is a great third string qb. When he decided TH instead of Cam ( the person responsible for his coaching success) it seems like it was personal and it cost us this season.

  8. "Search and find ourselves…find where we're headed..evaluate" this a support group seminar? Here's a question: are u going for 2 and passing up field goals till '22? With a team that is last in t.d.s ? So we'll go on 4th and whatever..bc nobody did the research before canning Hopkins.

  9. Heineken is limited with his timing and arm strength..he is the QB, so Scott Turner please adjust your play calling…BTW, I thought we could be at least a 500 team this season..let's hope for a 'After Bye-week miracle'

  10. Try and stay out of third downs get the first down on first and second downs, maybe send someone long on each play. I've seen a lot of pass plays where there are receivers in a bunch while on routes try flipping plays. If only for cosmetics run more sugar huddles IN THE RED ZONE!! Maybe there should be a receiver routed to each zone on obvious pass plays, these are all suggestions.

  11. Get rid of Shaka toney he's in it for the money lazy slow and don't put in no effort to play Curtis Samuel's not putting in the work to stay healthy ya'll went out and pick that robot cop Reyes who hasn't played a down cut jimmy moreland kept apke over Calvin Harmon cut big Moses etc and talking about culture Ron clean house and start over OC DC to Start

  12. Lousy coaching and personnel always be turned over for the past 30 years. No wonder the team has been in the tank for most of the past 30 years.
    They played a solid playoff game against the Super Bowl Champions and this year with "better" players are playing themselves out of the league.

  13. There are 9 more games left to figure something out, running the ball with two tights spread try it you might like it. Use #32 in short yardage and red zone RUNS it might just work out for you. Stop trying to THROW on third and SHORT. Spread them out and run @ em!

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