Ron Rivera is going all in for Aaron Rodgers 😳🔥| Washington Commadners

Per Kevin Sheehan Team 980 he thinks Washington will target Aaron Rodgers 👀🔥

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  1. I would like them to go get tyler huntley from Baltimore. Before you trip and write him off, go and watch some QB breakdowns of his play and you will see that he can get it done. With a offseason centered on him being the starter I feel like dude would be a very good QB

  2. I like Rodgers… and keep Taylor … rodgers be bored with are game plan … only trade up and picks for a Rodgers… bad luck Redskins he might not come here …
    Rodgers stays healthy …

  3. Ron Rivera is the biggest mandate freak in the NFL. This news, like the guy speaking. Is fake as hell….screw cancel culture. Screw this guy.

  4. Washington is a bad situation. They are not a contender with Rogers. Mistake but predicable if Rogers wants to come here. Snyder wants to put people in the seats and make a big spash. I think Rogers has an attitude problem and may affect the locker room. I think he only has a few years left in the tank.

  5. The jags would be top 5 with Rodgers and adams!! Any team who lands these guy's will be top contender!! I think we have a better shot at wilson before Rodgers plus Wilson would be less to get!!

  6. Do not trade Montes sweat and Dan Payne keep j d mckissic do not trade them think ron veria dont do something i stupid please u trade montel sweat and Dan Payne you will regret it

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