Rockhounding Pennsylvania

On the hunt for quartz crystals and rainbow anthracite in a northeast PA coal mine…again.


  1. The Stone Quarry is always our go to spot ….we have them all around us and find buckets of goodies. Central Pennsylvania is full of crystals.

  2. once again in northeast pa local. anthracite coal cracker region. wherecan i find rainbow legal/publicly/

  3. I think the use of heavy machinery sucks, it is bad for the ozone and greenhouse gasses and it allows you to get ahead by bying lazy and you’re an ass for using dynamite that could destroy the hope Diamond of quartz

  4. Hey just tumble across your channel and think it is very cool. Do you have any information of any kind of rocks minerals or fossils I could search for in Northwest Pennsylvania?

  5. Is there anywhere around Apollo, PA that u could reccomend to me, whether it's free or not

  6. How do you get access to places like this? Do you just go up to the mine, hope there are people there and ask them permission?

  7. I'm from just outside Harrisburg. Any places around there that you know of that might be a good place?

  8. Be ready to RUN! The whole area looks " sketchy ". Be carful guys! Nice finds and beautiful colors, nice Quartz crystals too!

  9. What do you do with the peacock coal? What can it be used for? Or is it like regular coal but pretty?

  10. Are you using oxalic acid to clean these crystals up? Lets see some photos of prepared and cleaned crystals.

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