1. May the rest of both your lives be THE BEST of your Lives! 👍🏻🔥🙏🏼❤️👏🏻

  2. Congratulations Ladies- this video was amazing. Both you women looked fantastic – but Ria’s wedding dress was beautiful. Wishing you a Lifetime of Happiness, Love and Laughter. May all of dreams come true. Best of luck….

  3. The Joy in the audience faces is massively Gracious…. Ria nd Lily Happy Wedlock 😍😘😘

  4. FORGIVE me if this question sounds dumb. I am not talking about these 2 women necessarily. Why does it seem there's always 1 partner that dresses like a male, also they have male mannerisms usually they have short hair like a man yet they say their proud to be a woman. However nothing about them is feminine outwardly.

  5. Really Beautiful… Congratulations, Wishing You All The Best & God’s Blessings✌🏼❤️😊

  6. Mucho congratulations to you both Live, Love , & Laugh😀😀😀👏👏👏🎆🎇🌈🌈💐🌺🎉🎆

  7. Félicitations pour votre union pour une nouvelle vie.
    Très émouvant ce moment formidable. 🌹💝❤️👍😍

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