1. I'm an Islanders fan but my favorite player is Thomas Greiss so I've watched a lot of Red Wings these last 2 seasons and the Red Wings defense this year is so much better than last year. It's nice to see my boy Greiss get a lil help plus Nick Leddy is there. Gotta say, I like the ability the Wings have shown passing the puck and being able to maintain possession this year. Team looks a lot better overall. They are fun to watch

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  4. What's up with all these defenders ignoring the puck and pushing the forwards to their own goalies. Like, do they hate their goalies that much and want to injure them, or are they just dumb?

  5. We were down 0-2 and I thought great another blow out. I wasn't giving up on them and turning the channel. I stuck it out and was pleasantly surprised. GO WINGS

  6. Greiss has been playing great this year. Really impressed with Raymond's game too. Been getting better the more he plays.

  7. Ovi & kuzi are shredding the league this year. Caps need to fix their 3 on 3 like that’s 3 losses in the span of a couple weeks

  8. Let’s go Red Wings!

    Wow.. WOW!! What a great game. Larkin, the Captain. The Overtime hero!! LET’S GOOO!!!! 🐙❤️🤍

  9. We just can't finish teams off.. We get a lead and can't hold it and then we lose in OT.. We, lol.. who the hell am I, lol

  10. Great job not showing either penalty against the Wings. also take a look a Kuzy, he may need to be on the LTR after the shot to the face.

  11. I blame kuzy on the OT goal he let his man go should of stayed on him then the Detroit player wouldn’t of dropped it to Larkin and scored bad play by kuzy good game Wings got lucky caps got a point Ovi keeps on going 👍🔥💪

  12. Wings penalty kill is their biggest issue that I’m seeing. They make good scoring chances and their defense is pretty good this season but their penalty kill is gonna be what gets them into trouble.

  13. Raymond and Seider look sooooo comfortable and confident skating and handling the puck. It's honestly crazy considering they're playing their first NHL games ever right now, especially considering they played on the larger rinks until now.

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