Reacting to the Washington Commanders' new name | Get Up

Jeff Saturday, Domonique Foxworth, Mike Greenberg and Rob Ninkovich react to the news that the Washington Football Team have changed their name to the Washington Commanders.

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  1. Shoudda went with DC Commanders. Washington is a misnomer that still relates them to the tasteless slur of Redskins. Besides, DC is much mo' cool. Missed opportunity to completely bury the hatchet here folks!

  2. All the laughter about the new team name is a joke. I hope the team does a complete 180 and come back and win next year's super bowl then whose gonna be laughing? I think some of these sports analysts from ESPN need to get a life and a real job or go join a drama club especially Stephen A Smith. Now he's a complete joke. He's 90% negative about everything. I'm gonna keep this a G rated comment but his opinions are like ya know everyone has one. Atleast it's a name tbh I actually like that name better than alot of the other choices. It fits Washington. They represent our nation's capital. I still respect HTTR.

  3. Commanders is a good name and a good choice. Whatever name they came up with the screwballs were going to make fun of it. When Reagan shut down the mental institutions the former inmates all gathered together to create a new phenomenon. It evolved into what is now called social media.

  4. Could have gone with the Warriors…every culture has warriors.
    I was actually hoping for a true representation of the city though…Washington Bureaucrats.

  5. It would be something if someone said as a former commander I am deeply offended then you got to change the name again the snowflakes are waiting I am surprised nobody has went after the chiefs yet

  6. commanders suck… but i can dig if they go with Commandos instead.. they can use a cameo design for their uniforms. Commandos are more blue collar tough guys ..

  7. They will always be the Redskins . The fans should refer to them as the redskins and only wear redskins merch. Time to push back against the woke cultural Terrorists.

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