1. why are the rangers apart of every teams best moments. Am i the only one who notices how many of Ovis biggest moments are when he plays against the rangers.

  2. So we all know that Ovi's one timer is legendary but after last night, I am wondering if Stamkos has supplanted him as the best in the game.

  3. the rangers actually ruined themselves they spent how much money on "tough guys" reeves got 9 minutes of play time?

  4. Wish Jensens goal wasn't offside; I seriously thought it was Ovechkin. I'm in D.C. too! The three looked like an eight the way the breeze folded the number up. The shot, though. Just NASTY..

  5. That has to be the best night of Hendrix's life. To score in his first game and celebrate with Oshie and then Alex on the bench after being a huge Ovi fan the last 15 years just like the rest of us! Great opening night. Hope it's a sign of more to come!

  6. Ik he's retired and probably loving life as a retired man but damn this telecast makes me wish we still had Doc Emerick

  7. Tnt has great hosts and guests but don't interview people during play and shorten the screen. Lost audio for a players first ever nhl game and goal. Respect the game

  8. Looks like the Rangers Defense has not missed a beat since late March …………what a awful organization decade after decade .They make the Leafs look competent ..

  9. Disapointing first game for us, but i have nothing but respect for the caps, one of the few teams in the division thay i dont completely despise

  10. So happy to the great 8 on his game he's the reason I got into hockey now I'm hooked its the purest pro sport almost anywhere

  11. Ovechkin played a great game. So did the entire caps team. Kuzy may be in for an amazing return to form season. He hasn’t been bad since they won the cup, just not quite at the same level. Stints here and there. Laviolette really likes and believes in him. That will help. Glad they kept kuzy now. He will play a big role for the caps this year and maybe get that conn smythe trophy in 2022. He is flying out there. Good thing with this great opener and now three days before the next game to get Ovechkin healthy.

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