Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania | 4K Drone Footage

Check out that interesting skyline from Pittsburgh, PA surrounded with beautiful hills… All that seen from the bird eye perspective….

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  1. Watching this again, i wonder what this would look like filmed in 8k, cropped down to 4k…
    seriously though, i cant get enough of this video!

  2. Awesome views! I'll likely never see this city in person, but it was interesting to see what it looked like from these views.

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  4. When i worked in the US with my summer job i got held up in Pittsburgh for a day which was not planned… the city stole my heart. Too bad i wont live there cause im from europe and european doctors need to go through hell to work in the US. Go Steelers.

  5. Man, how can I make my drone footage look this clear and colorful? My color grading apps don't come close! It must be the camera on your drone! Are you using the Inspire or Phantom 4 type drones?

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