Philadelphia Pennsylvania Travel Tour 4K

This is a virtual travel tour from around Philadelphia Pennsylvania. I walk around the Liberty Bell, the downtown area, then finish along the Delaware River where they have a light up park with hammocks and music. Overall I think Philadelphia is a great American city. The best time to visit Philadelphia is late spring or early fall.

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  1. I've always felt lucky and proud to be from Philadelphia. My grandfather also used to be a member of that Masonic Temple, across the street from the city hall building.

  2. the city of brotherly love!!!! philly may just make the 2021 highest murder rate…stay in the tourist area, if your smart..

  3. I left Philadelphia for New York City, then Chicago, then DC… Bad mistake!! My Philly people treated me the best and were real friends!!
    I should have never left and I'm very serious about that!!.
    I love Philly!!

  4. I listed Philadelphia to visit in 2018 but I couldn't because of money and time, but maybe next year I hope. That is a beautiful city,,, I like the architecture. I was in NYC and Boston. Greetings from Colombia.

  5. Your video is verry greet, I am interest
    I know a Motivation Mood Musik speaks to the historical and still prevalent agony that black lives face as we continue to struggle with Prejudices and injustices within America's various systems:

  6. Check out One Liberty Place Observation Deck. Its 57 stories up. 883 feet. Im terrified of heights but oddly its not scary at all for me. Lol I highly recommend it.

  7. Are bhai agar main India se Pennsylvania na chahta Hun tu Mera kul kitna kitna rupaye lagega bank se bhi nahin aane ka vaise bhi ja password hogi rahat sahab ke paise ab magar main pencil Bina kabhi aaya nahin hun bahut bahut ghumne ki ichcha hoti hai main India se Pennsylvania aur aana chahta hun

  8. I've never been to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania(or Pennsylvania at all for that matter), but the food here looks nice.

  9. I loved philly we spend 5 days between philly and New Jersey and i really loved Phila but my big dissapointment was the downtown smell of urine allover and beliveme i dont care about the homeless but the city needs to take care of that it is really hard to see people urinating and defecating on the streets of the downtown of Philly

  10. Such a shame, this beautiful city is ruined by curved trees, curved poles and curved buildings that were caused by fisheye distortions.

  11. Philadelphia is a nice place to visit with good food. Boston, NYC are must see destinations when visiting the North East.

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