Philadelphia Pennsylvania Travel Guide 2021

In this Philadelphia travel guide we explore downtown Philly as well as Chinatown, the Delaware river front all the way across to the Liberty Bell and historical area. When you visit Philadelphia be sure to try a Philly Cheese steak and explore some American history along the way. The founding fathers including Benjamin Franklin were all in the area of Philadelphia before moving to Washington DC.

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  1. It’s always funny to hear “downtown” Philadelphia. We refer to that area as Center City. Nice video, glad you enjoyed the city! Come back for Reading Terminal and the Art Museum, Boathouse Row and Schuykill Trail

  2. Since you mentioned New Yorkers, I just have to say, New Yorkers have absolutely RUINED all that was good about Philly. It lost most of its charm, and all of it's affordability. There are New Yorkers who have moved to Philly, kept their jobs in NYC and commute daily!! That's a 2 hour commute for those who don't know. Philadelphians don't get paid what New Yorkers do, so true Philadelphians are getting priced out of their own neighborhoods and some had to leave the city completely because of NYC folks.

  3. Come to South Philly. Passyunk square is my area and it's filled with restaurants and bars. Also There are a lot of great eat in bars in the same area if you map it.

  4. Jeff I appreciate you checking out Philly and showing everything it has to offer. Maybe next time check out the Reading Terminal Market and the Rocky steps at the Philadelphia Art Museum. Also, get yourself a real cheesesteak next time with wiz and onions, no ketchup! Lol

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