Philadelphia, Pennsylvania | 4K Drone Video


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  1. Hi there… I have some unused footage from that beautiful City sitting on my computer for couple of years so decided to show it to you this before it will get outdated… Enjoy the views! Happy Easter everyone!

  2. em breve quero ir morar nos EUA, no Estado da Pennsylnavia, junto com minha familia, lindo estado e linda Philadelphia, acho uma das cidades mais linda.

  3. One of my favorite cities. Gorgeous. So glad Philly ditched the William Penn statue rule. It's allowed the city to stand up economically and aesthetically.

  4. GREAT GREAT GREAT VIDEO !!!! This is the best video about Philadelphia's skyline yet !!!! Daytime video, nighttime video. GREAT VIDEO !!!!

  5. This can't get 6 months ago, you must have uploaded this late because I see that there's at least 5 towers missing

  6. One of my favorite cities in the world. No where quite like like Philly. Shout to the 215🏙🔔🦅🙌😉

  7. Tomorrow will be my first
    ❤️🖤💚Juneteenth ❤️🖤💚 in Philly and the streets are being cleaned over here around Malcom X Park and inside the Park😃..Thank you President Biden for making it a National Holiday✊🏾

    Philadelphia 🤔 how many houses are on your block or units in your apartment building?
    If you have:
    A trustworthy Community Leader✨
    Facebook Live so the community can see what's going on or coming up✨
    And as many as possible Participating

    You can take up a 5$ a week or 20$ a month donation starting July 1st til November 1st so that everyone can have something in your community for the Thanksgiving/Christmas Season..I'm sure some will donate more money just because.. Hopefully this is a success for alot of communities around the city and that you'll continue to work together as one to Grow..

    It's a Beautiful Morning God Bless you All
    I 💚 PHILLY…and YOU..😁

  8. Absolutely awesome. I’m from NY but I can say I’m from here now. Beautiful footage. Thank you so much for doing all the work to film this fantastic city and post it for the rest of the world to see.

  9. Lindo , parabéns pelas imagens ,são fantásticas , um dia ainda quero realiza meu sonho de visita essa linda cidade ❤️👏🏻🙏🏻

  10. I really like the Philadelphia skyline . Would be so cool if they could combine Atlanta and Philly . Now THAT would be a cool skyline .

  11. You’re doing a great job mate. I love it. Keep doing it! Waiting for Sunny Isles (day and night) footage! Greetings from France 🇫🇷

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