Pete Buttigieg’s husband trolled for calling Washington, DC ‘almost unaffordable’

Former presidential candidate Pete Buittigieg’s husband Chasten has been trolled online after he said living in Washington, DC was “almost unaffordable” despite Pete’s government salary of $221,400.

The couple moved to Washington last year with Pete now working as the Transport Secretary in the Biden administration.

Chasten Buittigieg told The Washington Post the rental market was steeper than their former stomping grounds of Indiana.

“We’re doing fine for ourselves, and [yet] the city is almost unaffordable,” he said.

“Which tells you how extremely unaffordable it is for many people.”

Social media users were quick to criticise Chasten for the complaint.

“Imagine being so far removed from the real world that you complain about your $4,500/mo apartment not having a den,” wrote one user.

“Americans are struggling to afford basic necessities thanks to #bidenflation but poor Pete & Chasten don’t get a den in their high-end building. Boo hoo.”


  1. Did we need to know this snippet of nonsense, is not a lot of guns and drugs flowing into the US, isn't Australia in a mess, what about France? This gay man's living conditions as a terrible politician for the Globalist agenda is not getting enough puppet money…

  2. This is what happens when evil is called good and when good is called evil. America is reaping the tolerance it sowed. If anyone here is a Christian or knows the Holy Bible. When talking about the Antichrist. The Holy Bible says that the Antichrist will not desire women.

  3. Maybe Pete will qualify for unemployment because he only works parttime in his new job. He was ahead in the race but I bet Bloomberg and the Domocrats made a deal with him, and yes money talks, so he dropped out of the race. Hey they stole Bernie's nomination not once but twice. Pete and his husband should walk down Homeless Lane where places are affordable in cardboard boxes

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