Pennsylvania's Senate Primary Race Heats Up

A Fox News poll released Monday suggests a tight race in Pennsylvania’s GOP Senate election.

The poll found that 22% of GOP primary voters supported celebrity heart surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz, with former hedge fund CEO David McCormick and candidate Kathy Barnette bunched together at 20% and 19%.

About one-fifth of voters, or 18%, said they were undecided about whom to send to represent them in the open U.S. Senate seat.

The highly competitive race comes because Pennsylvania GOP Senator Pat Toomey is not seeking reelection.

During a forum for candidates on Wednesday in Newtown, Connecticut, Oz and Barnette made their case to voters about why they were the best choice.

Several prominent conservative groups are lining up behind Barnette as an alternative to Oz.

The anti-tax Club for Growth and the anti-abortion Susan B. Anthony List endorsements for Barnette arrive less than a week before the battleground state’s primary and inject new intrigue and uncertainty into the outcome of a premier Senate race.

The moves reflect concerns in some conservative and pro-Trump circles that Trump’s preferred candidate, Oz, doesn’t sufficiently reflect their views on abortion, guns or the culture wars being waged against Democrats.

Oz has the endorsement of former President Donald Trump.

On Tuesday, McCormick toured the Lackawanna College of Petroleum and Natural Gas in Tunkhannock and spoke about the importance of natural gas drilling to the state’s economy.

Pennsylvania’s primary is Tuesday, May 17.

Both Republicans and Democrats have shown they can win statewide Pennsylvania races.

Whoever wins the Republican primary will face off against the Democratic candidate for Senator in November’s midterm election.

Democratic candidate John Fetterman is the state’s lieutenant governor and has led polls and fundraising.

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  1. O my God, what choices on these people. I love how they talk about each other and how they can't be trusted if they are not a Trumper. It's so sad that people in this country are still talking about Donald trump being some kind of decent person. Our great country is in deep trouble voting these people in

  2. Vote Barnette. Oz is a RINO, a weirdo, and I don't trust him at all. The fact that all of the networks that won't mention 2,000 Mules are desperately trying to pump up Oz confirms he isn't a threat to the swamp.

  3. Nope, these 3 are a hard no from me. Pa resident, reg Repub. None would represent the state well. There are thousands of people in Pa I would believe would be better.
    Mark these 3 as the big 'L' for loser.

  4. According to Red Eagle Politics, Barnette is the most MAGA of the 3 and the best choice. Oz is a liberal and McCormick is an establishment neo-con.

  5. Two of the Candidates are members of Clause Schwab's "World Economic Forum". The great reset. One is not.
    And that one who is not is Kathy Barnette.
    If you are a conservative and you vote for anybody but Kathy Barnette, you are voting for a globalist schill that is going to sell you out – guaranteed – and you will be betrayed.

  6. Republican's don't wish to govern. There goal is to destroy government. The end result is a do nothing government with the end result is the rich and powerful gain more wealth and power like they did in the 1870s.

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