Pennsylvania's Amish Country

Pennsylvania’s Amish population maintains its religious practices and austere way of life, tending some of the most productive farmland in the country.

From the Series: Aerial America: Pennsylvania


  1. As of 2020 there are over 80,000 Amish living in Pennsylvania alone. There is similar growth in Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin. The narrator questions if the Amish can survive in the new modern world, but according to all statistics, the Amish are not only surviving but thriving.

  2. Esto es un sistema que ace reserva humana !!
    Para que queden humanos campesinos jovenes que vivan en un paraiso agricola sis escaceses ni problemas !!
    Pero no se sabe que duran por las guerras exteriores

  3. We have to build Amish's communal life without being an Amish itself, with the most modern technology and means of production but in Capitalism we can't, we need a new system.

  4. I go to Lancaster every year and I love it. The people are amazing and it is so interesting to see their way of life. Pennsylvania dutch is also a cool language. I go for the mudville auction in March

  5. Может в этом и есть самое важное и ценное, что таким образом можно луше беречь природу, чем прочими методами.

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