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Pennsylvania, the second state to join the Union, has always played a major role in the United States, and continues to do so as one of the most populous states in the country. With enormous cities and spectacular natural areas, a major regional divide and interesting history, Pennsylvania is a fascinating state and will be the second place I will cover in this 56 part series on every state, territory, and federal district in the United States.

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  1. This was a great video. I too am from Pennsylvania, Pittsburgh to be exact. Man when I say I smiled all the way through the video 🙂😊 believe me, cause I did. This a such a good coverage of the entire state. Good job, honestly. I have always been proud from being from PA, but even more so now with this video to sum up the state.

  2. It’s pronounced like wilks-Barry. At least that’s how it’s always been pronounced around me in state college.

  3. Originally from Pittsburgh. This city has created a miracle of redirection including cyber technology & robotics, medicine, and education to compliment their historical strengths of steel, aluminium and manufacturing. That coupled with billions of trees and abundant nature combine with some of the lowest priced homes making it very attractive. Yes, there are faults but they are relatively few. An undiscovered gem by many.

  4. No Philadelphia was not the capital yil the Washington d.c was built, New York City, Lancaster(might be the York area) PA, was once the capital of the United States

  5. As a Greensburg resident I had to giggle at the "fast growing" part. You haven't been here in a while, or if ever I am assuming. But thanks for trying. 🙂

  6. There's a lot to be said about the geography of the mountains in our state. Its pretty remarkable that they basically got pushed up sideways. When your running down the turnpike in NEPA you can see it in the sediment layers, they're super sideways instead of more or less horizontal as you usually see.

  7. Jessica Jones is from Shickshinny. Taylor Swift is from Wyomissing. and M. Night Shamalamadingdong is from Bucks County

  8. As a resident in Philly we find it laughable when someone says they want to fight us. That’s some shit we never back down on! Even if our friends in Pittsburgh say they want to take us on it be like “you know there’s over 4x more us (population wise) than you right?”
    “Ok na” they’ll say… Lets just go get a beer together instead.

  9. Stay away from Trafford pa im a senior citizen i was pulled over for not using a turn signal hours later i was searched. My car was impounded i was made to walk home because my plate had expired dont goto Trafford unless u want police brutality

  10. Joe Biden is like the dump we took at a friends house, embarrassed about it and we were hoping no one would notice.

  11. you can hire the amish to build stuff here in Pa, my family had them build a pergola and they knocked it out in two hours

  12. I’m Interested to know why you didn’t mention the Marcellus shale and the natural gas industry at all? It’s a huge part of PA’s economy and has revitalized many depressed areas in PA and is kinda a big deal.

  13. I'm from 15 minutes outside Philadelphia and I pronounce it water like it's spelled with out the o sound

  14. Interesting fact about PA. There is an area in Northeast PA called French Asylum. It was an area that was being prepared for Marie Antoinette, as she was planning to escape to The New World. She never made it there though. It’s near Towanda, PA.

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