Pennsylvania The Beautiful

I made this video for my dad who was raised in PA but has not lived here in many years. I had come across an amazing collection of photos by Nicholas A. Tonelli and put my favorites into this video. Mr. Tonelli released these photos under a CC license. This video is also released under the Creative Commons license. Check out his flicker account for many more photos:

Here is the version of the applicable CC license:

The acoustic guitar is “Green Leaves” by auditionautix from the YouTube Audio Library.


  1. From where I'm sitting in my back porch I can see deer and bears roaming, while I'm sipping my tea. It is very quiet, and the leaves are turning colors, and last night the temp was mid 30s, very comfortable. Can't wait for snow. My husband is out hunting today, and I now must go to get a gallon of fresh apple cider and a shoofly pie. PA, Yessss.

  2. I'm from New Jersey and I moved to California last year. While the West Coast is more beautiful, I want to move to Pennsylvania, because California is becoming too unlivable. I will miss the desert type of scenery, but Pennsylvania is more livable. How is it living in PA?

  3. That was really well-done, Max. As a person who lives in PA, I appreciate not only the film, but the musical score.

  4. You show someone without them reading the title they think it Switzerland. You say then I guess Switzerland is Pennsylvania.

  5. I'm from Florida but moved to PA around 2 years ago. I love Florida more, but I can't deny this state is gorgeous ❤️

  6. Hello Max Maxwell I love the photo slideshow of Pennsylvania very cool photos indeed thanks very much I have subscribed to your channel as well.

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