Pennsylvania State Game Lands

Pennsylvania State Game Lands are managed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Learn their history and how the Commission manages habitat.
Support your state wildlife agency! Contact your legislator and ask them to support a hunting license increase.
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Cinematography: Tracy A. Graziano & Hal Korber
Video Editing: Tracy A. Graziano

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  1. PA FUCKIN SUCKS for the last 27 28 years they dam near killed all the fuckin deer off say what you want were im from in south PA no more hardwoods its gone state cut thousands of aces gone so no more nut trees no food for deer so kill off the deer don't bullshit me.

  2. Game lands are almost worthless to trappers. People bring their dogs unleashed durring season and they roam into our traps. They blame us not knowing that hunting and trapping liscence and equipment purchases almost entirely pays for them. I have a ton of traps stolen each year. It's out of control. I feel like it should be closed to public during season if they dont have a hunting and trapping liscence so we can use the land for it's intended purpose.

  3. Yeah great job at covering up the pgc effort to line their pockets with timber and mineral right a profits.Take a look at MT. Gretna area completely clear cut ans nothing but invasive species grew back. After 4 years rhe commission has still yet to co.e back and remove the invasive trees

  4. the title w.c.o. is just smoke and mirrors. revenue officers is more appropriate. when those mofos' roll up on you they are bound and determined to find you at fault for some petty bullshit violation.

  5. I'm confused about special regulationed areas for small game.. There is no established date on the documentation available. When can we hunt small game in special regulated areas? Thanks… Was going to get out last night but didn't because I was uncertain Thank you,

  6. You guys are doing a great job. There’s only so much you can do. Of course there is always room for improvement, within reason. The only major gripe i have is there are so many non hunters that hike, bike thru or walk their dogs off leash during hunting seasons, interfering with the hunt. And most do not wear orange, which could result in a tragedy. Anyways keep up the great work and thank you

  7. hello folks; over the years i saw game lands in good duty for animals and their ability to live with all that makes for their comfort..
    I see new underbrush and tree growth for food and shelter.
    what i don't see is ways for us elder and often time handicap hunters to access the lands we helped pay for.
    Now with small game started ,, i have not been able to move around in the woodland to enjoy a hunt for grouse and squirrels. Not many places are open enough to sit and wait for squirrels
    even to wait for turkeys.
    I am in need of use of my handicap(mobility) scooter to get farther into the game lands and was told it is an motorised vechicle and can not be used on the game roads and lands in general.
    With the decline in hunting numbers,i believe more and easier access to the game lands would let more of us senior hunters enjoy the sport we loved in the past and would like to do now.

  8. We should all be thankful for the foresight of those who started the preservation of our State Game Lands! And many thanks to those who continue in the preservation.

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