1. they're called foundation pillars. found often in mining areas to set up temp equipment up off the ground

  2. There where they do evil video at they do evil warships there that's exactly what they re no mining ND no structure it's for dark side get out that rea now trust in jesus

  3. Creepy af you gotta lmk so I can bring my teenagers out there and give them some creepy story then toss a tent at them and run like hell (promise I’ll record them screaming and running behind me)

  4. Wow..Hazelton is near my ancestors/family coal mine. I get the feeling they made swords and stuff from way back. Some type of Kiln related? Maybe it bent metal tools.

  5. Those look like old concrete foundation pillars. I seen similar stuff in Northern Ontario at location were mining buildings were. I would look into the local history's of the area and try and find what was there.

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