THP, The Hunting Beast, and Jeff Sturgis tackle PA Public Land!
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  1. PA is an amazing place for deer with all of the varied ecosystems
    Like farm lands to little food plots to thick pines and oak trees
    But for some reason the bucks don’t get that big

  2. I live in Western Pennsylvania
    Cambria County to be exact
    Love hunting
    We have tons of deer where I’m at because of the farm land but the older bucks are harvested too much so we aren’t known for our big bucks
    We’ve seen 10-12 points before but the average points for harvested bucks usually are 6-8
    Wish I owned some of that land so I could limit harvests for a few years to make sure the big bucks are able to survive and breed with better genes

  3. Next time your out on pa y’all gotta come to western pa. I’ve seen so many mature bucks this hunting season. Missed a giant 10 point, have a younger nice 8 point living by the house, I went to check a camera in the field behind the house after work 20 min before dark without my bow and 3 doe and I believe that 10 point jumped up 10 yards inside the tree line, today I went to hang posted signs on my property and seen the biggest buck I’ve ever seen in person. Rifle starts In 3 days so I’m hoping to get him. Thanks to the tips you guys have on using onX maps I really think I have them figured out. It’s honestly helped give me knowledge that I’ve never knew before. Good luck on future hunts fellas. 🤙🏼

  4. I really enjoy your vids. Can you guys give me some tips on how to even start to pick locations on a map? I have maps, but am not sure I am using them to their potential. I do more "boots on the ground" but that take precious time, that I may be able to cut some out with proper use of a map.
    Thanks for any help.

  5. Love THP and Dan and his crew, but Jeff, is a douche! His values as a hunter doesn’t mesh with the THP guys. He’s put out videos of how to screw up other hunters who have land or are hunting close to you! I hate to see him on this channel and will not watch an episode with him on it!

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