Pennsylvania Primary: Pa. governor hopeful drops out, backs rival as primary nears

A Republican candidate for Pennsylvania governor said Thursday that he was ending his campaign and endorsing rival Lou Barletta, a move that comes as GOP leaders warn that leading candidate Doug Mastriano is too far right to win in a general election.

Jake Corman, Pennsylvania’s ranking state senator, announced his endorsement of Barletta at a news conference just days before the state’s Tuesday primary and amid hand-wringing by establishment Republicans that a Mastriano victory would doom their chances of flipping the governor’s mansion in November in the battleground state.

Corman’s name will remain on ballots statewide, and mail-in voting has been underway for weeks. It’s unclear what, if any, effect Corman’s decision to end his campaign will have on the race, since polls have showed him gaining little traction.

Mastriano has shown strength in recent polls, while being a prominent peddler of conspiracy theories, including former President Donald Trump’s false claims that widespread fraud marred the 2020 election and resulted in his loss in Pennsylvania. Mastriano also floated a plan to overturn the election results, helping draw a subpoena from the congressional committee investigating the Jan. 6 insurrection at the U.S. Capitol.
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  2. The people are riding up. The leading front runner is the old republican establishment candidate. Doug is the outsider. The people want the outsider.

  3. If there is one thing we don’t need it’s a Republican governor. They will destroy our state with their radical policies like Florida and Texas. Get out and vote!

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  5. It’s gonna be very difficult to win any election the way the socialist Democrats are stuffing the ballot boxes these mailing boxes are the way that they’re going to continue stealing elections

  6. Fox News, die rechtsextreme GOP und die Nationalsozialistin Elise Stefanik verbreiteten die Version der Ersetzungstheorie, nach der farbige Menschen getötet werden müssen, um sie durch Weiße zu ersetzen. Diese fremdenfeindliche Rhetorik ist ein terroristischer Akt zur Anstiftung zu Gewalt und Mord und sollte sofort vom DOJ ins Visier genommen werden. Das DOJ muss gegen Fox News, die GOP und Elise Stefanik wegen Anstiftung zu rassistischen Hassverbrechen ermitteln.

  7. The GOP and the Democrat establishment still haven't learned a thing.

  8. DOUG MASTRIANO is the front runner for MAGA..
    Wat BS news is this.. Jake Corman, Barletta & the rest are establishment rats.

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