1. I voted by mail in 2020, had to re-register to vote by mail in Pa. primaries, filled out the application online 04/28/2021, SO they sent me an application by mail (not the ballot), got it 1 day before the election, They told me to just bring it to the office (20 mi. away, I am disabled and do not drive, which is why I needed Mail-in voting!) They effectively suppressed my vote!
    They told me they are not responsible for the mail! Bullshit, Luzerne County !

  2. I still have $15 USD to distribute in exchange for cell phone video footage of the LAST happy moment at the ill-fated White House "Victory Party"

    Did Don call it off himself? Did he get carted away by the secret service?

    I wonder if the music stopped mid track…
    Can you imagine the run on the bar as guests learned the truth…losers

  3. Biden "allegedly" won despite having received a RECORD low number of Democratic primary votes, while Trump set a record for primary votes for an incumbent- 18 million primary votes, more than doubling the previous record set by Bill Clinton!
    Trump is one of only 5 incumbents to win more than 90% of the primary vote since 1912.
    No incumbent who has received at least 75% of the primary vote total has ever, until 2020, lost re- election…

  4. Just heard on the radio by a Pa. House legislator investigating voting irregularities.
    Several poles ran out of ballots for republicans. Then after additional ballots were printed they would not scan in the ballot reader.
    Hmmmm, sounds somewhat like "the most secure election ever" according to our Lt. Governor.

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