Pennsylvania Poison

Something toxic is looming in the rural backwoods of Pennsylvania – The Viewing.
We’re here to ask for forgiveness, not permission as the van blows by no trespassing signs with no remorse. When we rolled into the cornfields once known as Steel City Raceway, we could hear the sound of Mad Mike’s two stroke echo through the valley. After six days of rain, we scouted for ground we could contaminate with two wheels next. The old slag mines took the win.
Sit back and enjoy the lands known as Pennsylvania Poison.

Riders: Darryn Durham – Patrick Evans
Music: Melvins – History of Bad Men


  1. You guys made this video in my literal back yard love the video you guys should come back out and tell us so anyone who knows where this is out can come and ride with you guys

  2. Sick video 🤙 I heard the bikes in the berms and on the jump faces but it didn’t kill the songs vibe or mess with the overall flow of the video. What I was most pumped with was the shots themselves.. props to the creativity of the film maker.. the track jump reminds me.. There’s a gnarly train Jump opportunity here in Yuma, AZ never been filmed.. endless potential if you are willing to go big. Would be sick to see it here first 🤙🌵
    Thanks for inspiration to go ride today.

  3. It’s wild you guys always use songs that I got into a few years ago forget about and then you guys throw them in your edits and it’s like going back in time it’s pretty cool. The Melvins dope.

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