Pennsylvania man captures all walks of life crossing log bridge

The video, taken year-round, shows bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers and many other wildlife crossing the bridge, or swimming underneath in their natural habitats. Credit: Robert Bush.


  1. This was so beautiful! It was very relaxing to watch and I enjoyed all the different animals coming and going, as well as watching and hearing the gurgling water and seeing the beautiful flora. Thank you so much for this! 💖

  2. I absolutely love this. Thank you for having the eye and heart to set this up and then share it. It is an important life of that tree still

  3. Excellent video! Leave it to a cat to get an attitude; "you looking at me"? Nice assortment of animals there. You captured everything except Bigfoot.

  4. Is that a crane or blue heron or what??? Watching October 5th. Seen it before. Love all the different varieties and sound of the brook.

  5. Finding this made my night. Makes me happy to be a PA resident, albeit no where near open space such as this. Location?

  6. Beautiful video – solid evidence that you can't improve on nature. I would be interested to learn where it was shot. It mentions Pennsylvania, but I wonder what part of the state. Could be the Northeasternly side – (Pocono Mountains, or straight west along I-80. Also, some of the temp readings were pretty interesting (40F in June?). Again, beautiful footage and also really appreciated that it was just the sound of the river, and animals.

  7. for the log that was once a tree, this is it's new purpose – to serve this beautifully diverse ecosystem through this wonderful connection of lives and stories

  8. 3:54 is NOT A BOBCAT. That is a lynx.

    I have seen bobcats in my yard here in upstate New York all the time. I have also seen these larger cats that look like juvenile mountain lions, but I was unaware the Canada lynx is basically a scaled down mountain lion

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