Pennsylvania man captures all walks of life crossing log bridge

The video, taken year-round, shows bears, deer, bobcats, grouse, beavers and many other wildlife crossing the bridge, or swimming underneath in their natural habitats. Credit: Robert Bush.


  1. This was so beautiful! It was very relaxing to watch and I enjoyed all the different animals coming and going, as well as watching and hearing the gurgling water and seeing the beautiful flora. Thank you so much for this! 💖

  2. Beautiful video – solid evidence that you can't improve on nature. I would be interested to learn where it was shot. It mentions Pennsylvania, but I wonder what part of the state. Could be the Northeasternly side – (Pocono Mountains, or straight west along I-80. Also, some of the temp readings were pretty interesting (40F in June?). Again, beautiful footage and also really appreciated that it was just the sound of the river, and animals.

  3. 3:54 is NOT A BOBCAT. That is a lynx.

    I have seen bobcats in my yard here in upstate New York all the time. I have also seen these larger cats that look like juvenile mountain lions, but I was unaware the Canada lynx is basically a scaled down mountain lion

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