Pennsylvania GOP Senate Primary Remains Too Close To Call Between Oz, McCormick

One week after the Pennsylvania primary, voters are not any closer to finding out the winner of the state’s Republican Senate race, with Dr. Mehmet Oz narrowly leading against David McCormick. NBC News’ Dasha Burns explains how the candidates are responding and when a winner could finally be declared. 

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  1. Vote Republican or accept more of Biden's tyranny!

    Dear Editor,

    Democrats in the course of 21 months may have made Pelosi, and the Biden family richer but have put America on a suicidal trajectory with no signs of remorse. But ultimately this was the result of Obama's communist upbringing and appointing communists as the head of the now corrupted CIA and FBI! That's why the only sane choice is to vote for Dr.Oz instead Fetterman who will guarantee more banana republic,1984 tactics to stifle our freedom of speech, and a get-out-of jail card for dear old Hunter Biden!


    Across the world in East BumF… I can remove $10,000 dollars from my account. Using a plastic card translated and calculated with that countries currency exchange rate.

    But we cannot count votes for 7 days.


    How stupid do they believe we are.

    It's called do not submit your districts totals, until we know what we need to submit to WIN!


  3. What term do you use to describe Dr. Oz? The term that immediately springs to mind is a Snake Oil Salesman. I can visualise him in his horse drawn, canvass covered wagon wearing a top hat, vest and cravat, holding his bottle of Therapeutics high in his right hand as he expansively gesticulates with the left and swindles any that failed to recognise him as the charlatan that he is. I would have guessed that Americans were quack-aware by now, but apparently they’re not!

  4. JAIL TRUMP 2022 !

    Keep Stupid off Twitter

    Billions given to Billionaire Musk to allow Billionaire Trump back on Twitter.


  5. Either way, Fetterman is probably going to wipe them up in the election. Besides his popularity, Fetterman actually talks and listens to folks. One on one. Even last week he was non stop. That man had a stroke, and still is one of the most popular in the state. It's not about his looks, or is appearance as a politician. It's what he is on the streets, on the inside. He said once in Braddock, "can't where a suit for this size of a body, besides it's easier to roll up the sleeves on a hoodie when work needs done". That guy sits down with you, has a beer, listens, and tries to fix it.

  6. A week to count a million votes why does time matter the win is months before the appointment. It took weeks when we had paper ballots with technology the insurrectionist Republican have become lazy and just want it their way. This is not how democracy works. The founding fathers did not have a two party system. What happen to voting for freedom liberty and the pursuit of happiness. The insurrectionist Republican just turned that into a case of lies. Maga tears.

  7. Their should be a post stamp on the mail in ballots. Second, the mail in ballots are on a voting register card number with their license. This is why the voting rights act would solve all of this insurrectionist Republican party cheating. You see constitutional Democrats will count everyone vote because democracy depends on it. Vote blue 2020 and 2024. Maga tears.

  8. How is a former Turkish Military Officer even running for office in the United States? I just feel like serving a foreign governments military and not your own should automatically disqualify you for public office. Call me crazy, but this seems reasonable… no?

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