Pennsylvania GOP Senate Candidates Square Off In First Debate

Former hedge fund CEO Dave McCormick took on Celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s first GOP Senate primary debate. NBC’s Dasha Burns reports on how the two are neck-and-neck in the polls but the latest numbers are showing 43 percent of Republican voters are still undecided. 

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  1. GOP members are the catalyst to Trump's crimes and destruction.

    GOP members are culpable in Trump crimes against America. And the stealing of classified nuclear secrets by Trump.

    The question WE, the American People should be asking is… What are going to do to protect our country from these domestic terrorists embedded inside our Senate?

    Are WE, the American People going to stand idly by and do nothing?

    NOW is the time to stand up, before it's too late.
    NOW is the time for action, not words.
    NOW is the time to flood all polling places and VOTE for the America prior to Trump.

    I am a Republican, I voted for Trump… But I now recognize a criminal that has gone unchecked for too long and the Republicans of integrity are no longer in office.

    I employee Americans, Republicans or Democrats to stand united and VOTE for our democracy and remove these GOP members that no longer serve the best interest of America or it's people.

    VOTE to protect America!
    VOTE Republicans Out!

  2. Once Pennsylvania people get their rep in, then their just gonna have to live with it and themselves. Dang what choices. You have think really hard, why would the Donald endorse Oz? Both of them cut from the same cloth

  3. Yeah Im really thinkin none if these candidates are really for the people, my opinion, they have always made promises and never keep them, they only continue to get richer while people get poorer. Its a sad thing, I'll also mention how BIASED the media and wealthy corporations are, like google and others, when I was looking up info on all the candidates I only got links from the democratic party, all of them in the search! Wow! United states is a mess!

  4. Oz needs to remember who pushed him to the front. Question is… why? My guess is the others in the run are shady in Trumps eyes. He knows something. Dig people.

  5. Gop is really just full of nut jobs. I mean just look at them, they dont know what they are doing. Dasha Burns is adorable <3

  6. Another nbc fail! You didn’t even cover the female minority candidate calling out the two rich male boomers as being globalists and stooges for the WEF!

  7. Im republican i can tell you know if republicans dont help out with the 2000 check like governor wolf said to help pay for gas and groceries you will lose my vote support it we work we count we are not all millionaires

  8. why did you leave out the part where OZ and McCormick being outed as World Economic Forum puppets? This is extremely important information and it speaks volumes about your organization that you intentionally leave it out. Wake up people, politicians and corporate "news" companies do NOT care about you…AT ALL

  9. You completely left out Barnett. She called out Oz and the other dude for being involved with the World Economic Forum and that Trump doesn't represent the MAGA movement..

  10. Oz had to keep the typical political dogs at bay. He’s an outsider and he fought for his audience and viewers for years on his TV 📺 show for best health information and health trends. Doctors are the ones who will give you the straight talk such as you need to lose weight, cut down on sugar etc so when they do go into politics, they tend to work that familiar pattern of patient and doctors care where the nation is the patient and the straight talk is what is currently going on at the border.
    I liked Rep Ron Paul and Sen Rand Paul both are doctors and both are straight shooters without sugar coating anything. Oz is a straight shooter on TV and I feel he will translate well as a Senator.

  11. I would tell that woman being interviewed at the end that if she doesn't like Oz and doesn't think he understands the struggles of ordinary Pennsylvanians, than she should seriously consider changing sides and supporting Fetterman.

  12. Of course, Dr. Oz can fool the idol worshippers–or celebrity lovers—but I hope that the serious voters will recognize him as the shallow, deceitful snake-oil salesman that he is.

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