1. Government destroyed our lands. Many many species of animals completely wiped out from government bounties never to be restored. Where are our natural and native animals like our wolves? Our mountain lions? Government always promising hope, but always bringing us destruction.

  2. It makes me laugh when they say 3/4 of the penn forest is privately owned. I do not recognize ownership of nature by any human and certainly not descendents of people who depleted and destroyed the much richer forests that once stood there of which most centuries old trees would still live today had they not been killed by them. So the criminals took what was not theirs and now claim they own it for ever ? All these ill gotten ownership is void. The land needs to be cleared from anybody who claims to have ownership of it and one day it will. This is historical crimes against nature. Also one planted tree does not equal one harvested tree but thousands of planted tree only equal to one harvested century old tree because only a few will age that old. So the whole claimed parity about "we grow more tree than we harvest" is a lie and therefore depletion and destruction of the forest ecosystem !

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