Pennsylvania Elk: Celebrating 100 Years – long version

Follow the trail of restoring elk to Pennsylvania. In 1911, the Pennsylvania Game Commission began bringing elk back into the state.

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Cinematography: Tracy A. Graziano & Hal Korber
Video Editing: Tracy A. Graziano

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  1. What can i say is Pennsylvania it's beautiful, but i know no to many people live am saying no more than 10 million

  2. So will we ever see elk in southern pa?? I know its a long process but I dream of being able to see wild elk here like they use to be… i just dont want pa to use elk as a income and only keep them in a certain places to increase their rarity

  3. About 40 years ago, i remember a private individual getting some Elk and releasing them on his land in Elk County. Since I was too little to really pay attention, I don't remember any details. But I do remember seeing them several times grazing in the field at 219 and Toby Road.

  4. Guys does anybody know when geese season start, please help to find out any resource  about it I am new in Pa hunting , thank you…

  5. Fantastic video! We just visited these areas for the first time and were curious about the Elk and PA's history. We found this production was perfect for understanding the situation over the years. I'm thankful God's Earth can heal and we can participate in actively conserving his creation. Now I am confused, after all that devastation, caused by lack of foresight and wisdom, why are you embracing fracturing the land? Will this video production have a Part 2? I hope people with faith and righteousness will step back and think carefully. Please don't fall for $$! God help us!

  6. Excellent production !!  I have had the pleasure to stand in nearly every place featured in that video.  Thank you for helping to educated the public on these magnificent creatures. 

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