Pennsylvania A.G. Moves To Protect Voter Data From State GOP 'Audit' Stunt

Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro talks with Rachel Maddow about his new lawsuit to stop state Republicans from collecting the personal data of every Pennsylvania voter and handing it to an unnamed third party, ostensibly to perform another spectacle of election evaluation theater.

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  1. The real purpose of these Republican Audits are to harvest Demacrats Voter Information to steal future Elections. With this information, the Republicans will be able to have Republicans vote for themselves and vote again using the Demacrats' voter information. When Demacrats show up to vote many will be told that they can't vote because they voted already, (because a Republican would have voted using their information). If you don't believe me, answer this: Why would the Republicans want to Audit Texas, a State they won? The DOJ better stop these Audits ASAP!

  2. Im assuming the same person who came up with "Patriot act", or "Operation Iraqi Freedom", also thought of saying "Protect voter data". Coming from an independent perspective, I would say "tampering with evidence".

  3. As a relatively new resident of the Commonwealth I am grateful that our AG is taking up this fight. And since when did ANY Republican think it was OK to release their personal information to some "lowest bidder" 3rd party? WTF is going on with the Conservatives?

  4. It's safe to assume they're running an identify theft scam, not to mention that attempting to seize voters information is soft terrorism, like standing outside a voting booth with a bat (but for limp wristed cowards)

  5. The goal isn't to change election results. It's to raise money, and to cause uncertainty with our election process. Trump is the foot soldier for the Russians in this and he's done a terrific job for them so far.

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  7. I’ve been sayin that from the beginning. They are stealing voter info to sell to the highest bidder under the guise of an “audit.” They are are a bunch of fraudulent identity thieves! One could argue that this is a form of voter intimidation as ppl would be to scared to vote at the possibility of someone selling their personal information. Class action suit!!! The can’t operate if they go bankrupt. Ethics committee?!

  8. It sure gets +&+ difficult to put words into the unspeakable and never-thought-possible. Sounds so much like bullying accompanied by the inevitable shame the bullied feels though

  9. They can’t prosecute 4 or 5 million people for refusing their subpoenas and, if you make sure there are half a million around the courthouse of the first few they prosecute, they’ll soon give up. Civil disobedience; it’s time for direct action against these fascist wannabes.

  10. Just another example of the GOP'S hideous political assault on voters rights. They can no longer deny this is voter suppression in sheep's clothing. When will the law be laid down on their FASCIST ways?

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