Paranormal Nightmare S8E3 A Haunting In Pennsylvania

A Family in rural Pennsylvania is being tormented by several evil spirits inside their home. The Fourman Brothers travel to the home to investigate these claims of Paranormal Activity. A VERY PAINFUL ENDING…
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  1. I felt another spirit was coming through and it was a african American man who lived in the house prior and he passed away , over a woman I think . He isn't dangerous but trapped , residual energy and there is another spirit that is causing all the drama.

  2. That's not the devil, that a demon. Sounds like he's talking in Arabic. You know how when ppl speak in tounges that's what this thing is doing. You need to be careful, that thing is just chatting away with you guys, it's following you, when you go into another room, and hear it right behind you, and at one point, I heard that thing humming. Freak

  3. That thing is weird, I'm Mike, than I need help, I'm here, I'm the devil. Freakin weird!!! And it said, I loved her, past tense. Is it her husband? Or is it the devil playing games with you guys? The devil comes in many forms, including voices, beware of that freak! You guys, I think he means business, when they start mimicking other voices, they're close by. That thing is talking in Arabic, it's the sound that rolls under they're tongue, and kind of like he's Mexican maybe

  4. And the part where one of the brothers is sitting on a bed by himself talking to the spirit did you guys notice the two faces in the windows behind him?
    At first there was one face with mustache dark hair but the eyes look blank then another face starts showing up on the other side of the window. They are looking inside and watching him they're very still and it's hard to recognize what they are but if you keep looking at them you'll start seeing what they are. They may have heard you guys and they're looking in to see what's going on.

  5. It's the girl who doesn't know she is from a mafia whirlygig that rises to power based on It's generational murder victims who gets The Incubus. Hence, some of those spirits may not be interested in empathy. I wish you lots of luck should those orgasms ever cause internal bruisings. That's when it feels like Pete's Alligators just gave birth trying to crawl up the wrong way all into your insides.

  6. How can you be a priest and believe in Jesus christ but not believe in satan?? To be priest and tell a person that they need to go to the doctor?? There is no man made medicine that will help with something like this.

  7. We also need to confront these other so-called deacons and pastors. It deeply saddens me when they don't help. Scripture tells us our battles are not against flesh and blood but against principalities, demons

  8. Just a few observations 😌 At times i felt the ghosttube was speaking spanish. i also noticed that all three bothers move the same. Their body language is identical 🙂 I've watched so many episodes and it's definitely not just in my head 😄 its adorable.

  9. I now abs then watch this series as I am always been interested in the paranormal and I have noticed with this one it’s not over the top like ghost adventures are I used to watch them until they were starting to mess around in methods or in order to speak with the dead which was over the top for me.

  10. Now that she KNOWS Mike has been hittin that I hope she casts his perv ass straight back to hell! I'm always afraid of one of my ex's or former stalkers that passed are gonna mess with me and or watch me in the shower… I worried about it, and now I know it could happen.. Yikes…

  11. Shaun is so adorable, made me laugh when he said “I feel like there’s this hole and a hand is going to come out and grab me”. So adorable how he scares himself. 😁♥️

  12. I knew it when I heard her say weegy board that's why all that is happening there. The lady who played it opened the doors for demonic spirits and didn't closed it. You should never play that game board it's real. Hope people learn from this. It ain't a joke it's for reals.

  13. When i was under the age of 5 i saw a monster i was always freaking out. My mother brought a Priest to our home and he confirmed its a demon that i saw… he came did Somethings in our house and thats the end. I do see spirits but only the armfull ons.

  14. Wait. Hold on. You guys don't charge money for this? You are providing a service…an invaluable service, really. You should be compensated. How are you able to afford the equipment and the opportunity cost of being away from your family, etc. without compensation? I thought this was y'alls business?? I'm confused (doesn't take much)😆

  15. This has to be the scariest show out of all the shows I watched from them this is the most disturbing one omg scary as hell

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