Out of the Woods: Battlefields of Western Pennsylvania

In the mid 1700s, the world’s two greatest military powers, France and Great Britain, focused their attention on Western Pennsylvania. The French were seeking Native American trade partners in a land of abundant natural resources, while the British were looking to colonize. This set the stage for a world war with key battlefields in the Pittsburgh region. With stunning photography and fascinating interviews, the 30-minute documentary takes viewers to historic sites including Fort Ligonier, Fort Necessity, Fort Pitt, Bushy Run Battlefield, Braddock’s Battlefield, and historic Hanna’s Town.

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  1. Interesting story…
    An article published in The Roanoke Times on April 15, 1951 claims that Braddock was shot dead by an American soldier called Benjamin Bolling. According to the article, Bolling intentionally shot Braddock to protect the lives of his fellow American soldiers during the ambush, as British troops were firing at American troops under the mistaken impression that they were actually French troops due to the fact that many Americans had taken cover in the tree line. The death of Braddock then allowed for Washington to take command and order a retreat, which, according to the article, allowed for the Americans to fall back without being further fired upon by the confused British, saving many of their lives.[4]

  2. White America doesn’t get that ppl don’t care about colonizer history. It’s white washed boring lies, & blatant culture erasure of the natives.

  3. This is a very well done presentation. Great photography and narration done by individuals who know the subject matter.
    While traveling home from a family reunion, I was able to visit Fort Neccesity, on earlier visits spent a day at Fort Ligonier. The state of Pennsylvania does a great job of preserving its history. Although I live in Florida I always enjoy the beauty of Western Pa, and look forward to visiting again.

  4. My great great great grandfather
    Was apart of the 42ed infantry of the North Western Pennsylvania bucktails from Spartanburg p.a. his final resting place is on are family farm that he sattled down and raised a family in 1865 but after he passed away
    We keep the farm all the way up in till we lost it in 2019

  5. This seems more like propaganda than objective history. Washington was more interested in getting a British Army commission and history would have been different had he fought for the British. A fact that is hardly ever mentioned is thousands of American loyalists fought for the British. The so called war for independence was actually an economic war led mostly by Virginia Slave plantation owners. The Native Americans defeated the United States on the frontier and were not even included in the treaty negotiations. The frontier war continued until after the Battle of Fallen Timber’s in 1794.

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