On The Trail of Pennsylvania Black Bears (1991)

1992 Game Commission film production on the black bears of Pennsylvania; with Dr. Gary Alt. This film contains some outdated information.

An Award Winning Film by: Hal Korber

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  1. start telling me when they put mountain lions in pa i saw three
    cause i found out when they did – but black bears there not around my house for sure once in blue moon we have one or two time in a year – past three yrs nothing found in armstrong county lines

  2. Pennsylvania has a lot of black bears. They really began expanding their range in the 1990's. What I'm really interested in are mountain lions in Pennsylvania.

  3. Your map of bear range needs a slight update. Here in Erie County, they are plentiful. But we didn't make the range map. Nice informative video though 🙂

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  5. As stated…time for an updated video. This is useful and I am using it in my PA Nature class for high school students.

  6. Why dont they produce educational films today…they eliminated the manuel….even more of a need.
    Pa needs an "ask the officer" segment..where game officers answer questions and dismss myths…..other states have done this…it costs nothing…in harrisburg dollars and establishes a repoir with like minded conservationists.

  7. I am not a biologist but you might want to make a hammock to weigh the bear alot of pressure put on paws tendons joints. What you think?

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