1. I really hope Pennsylvania legalizes cannabis for adult use because I'm tired of buying my medicine from the street.

  2. The government want the marihuana to make people foolish but dont if its at federal level be cost they dont want to loose that ilegal support that mexican cartels give to corrupts in USA all is fuck up inside the matter

  3. Legalize it already.I would rather smoke than drink alcohol at least it doesn't make me sick , throw up,or hung over like alcohol does the next day and the buzz goes away quicker than drinking alcohol

  4. 2 million plus people in PA use weed recreationally and some don’t want it recreational because underage people might use it Well how many people drank alcohol before 21 answer is ALOT So Pa need to get this Recreational Weed money and turn some of this bad stuff in Philadelphia around like education and Gun Violence

  5. unreal, you have these senators that think weed is a gateway drug, they have no clue. How would they know, it's their thought and they are wrong. liquor is worse than weed and can't help people with cancer and other types of issues. This is all held up by the republican Senators. Do NOT re-elect or elect any republican senators next time. You have majority of the population that wants it legal but they say no. Show me where liquor is good for you, this is sad.

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