Ohio and Pennsylvania Compared

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Mr. Beat compares and contrasts the two crossroads states, Ohio and Pennsylvania. Produced by Matt Beat. All images/video by Matt Beat, found in the public domain, or used under fair use guidelines. Music by Reed Mathis and Electric Needle Room. Thanks to the AP Archive for use of additional footage.

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Ohio and Pennsylvania

The Buckeye State and The Keystone State

Two neighboring Midwestern states in these United States. Ok, well, western Pennsylvania feels Midwestern, but eastern Pennsylvania definitely feels Mid-Atlantic. Heck, you could even classify parts of Pennsylvania as part of the Northeast region of the country. It’s a crossroads state, really. Um, but yeah, this video is about Pennsylvania AND OHIO and you know what? BOTH are crossroads states, with easy access to so many great places. Both states sure do have a lot in common, for real.

First of all, both are part of the Rust Belt, a region of the country known for declining industry and run down factories. Even decades after most of these factories have shut down, several cities in both states continue to lose population each year.

Both are probably about to lose one electoral vote in the Electoral College, because the population of both hasn’t grown much in recent years.

Hey speaking of the Electoral College, if a presidential candidate wins either Ohio or Pennsylvania, odds are they are winning the entire election. Ohio and Pennsylvania pick winners, baby! Pennsylvania picked the winner for all but two presidential elections between 1789 and 1880. Both Ohio and Pennsylvania tend to be swing states in recent years, although Ohio seems to be more reliably Republican lately. Both have one Republican U.S. Senator and one Democratic U.S. Senator. Now, the governor of Ohio is a Republican and the governor of Pennsylvania is a Democrat. But the state legislatures in both states currently have Republican majorities.

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  1. Which is better? Pennsylvania or Ohio?
    Which two states should I compare next for this series?

    Thanks again to this video's sponsor, Harry’s! I legit am excited about this one. Click here https://harrys.com/MrBeat to redeem your Trial Set for just $3! Let me know what color razor handle you got in the comments below. 🙂

    Edit: At 2:42 I misspoke! I accidentally said "southwestern" instead of "southeastern."
    Also, don't forget to check out Geography Joe's video and subscribe to his channel! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CU6Hzqs2VYI&t

  2. The hills and trees are definitely the distinguishing feature in PA, I live in a neighborhood that's on a giant hill covered in trees. Also, you couldn't be more right about the gas stations. I've seen wawa, rutter's and sheetz all in PA, and they all have amazing food.

  3. I'm an Ohian it's really beautiful here and there's alot to do. Pennsylvania is a really beautiful state too especially the mountains.

  4. Best ice cream? Handels, Ohio. Best chili dogs? New Castle in PA. Tiebreaker, best pizza in the world? Youngstown…

  5. As somebody who lives in Pennsylvania, if you live in a peaceful place (in Pittsburgh there is barely any crimes just don’t go to McKeesport) there is tons of trees. So if you like trees come visit Pittsburgh, our metro is big and uh… big

  6. In all honesty, I don't think both states belong to the same caliber.
    Ohio should be compared with Michigan and Pennsylvania with NY.

  7. Mr Beat: “Ohioans do pay more in taxes overall”
    New York: *Laughs in highest taxes in the country*

  8. Growing up in Ohio, Pennsylvania, and WV tristate area a lot of video look familiar. Before BP was BP it was Ohio Gas (there is Penz Oil). Both Penn State and Ohio State are now Big 10. Cedar Point versus Kennywood.

  9. Tbh I’ve lived in and drove through both and the only difference I see is that Pennsylvania has bigger mountains then Ohio does and Ohio is flat in most of the state other than the Southeast which has the Appalachia’s running through it.

  10. The general consensus of the Ohioans I know, people from Pennsylvania are kinda rude and the roads near Pittsburgh are hell. Otherwise, there aren’t many qualms with the state itself. Ohio is a state of people who hate Ohio, but will not let anyone else talk bad about it. Pretty much everyone is stuck in a love-hate relationship, but I’m pretty proud to be born and raised here

  11. Lol did he call philli pa’s capitol? It Harrisburg lol
    Additionally he claims that pa has no national parks, but we do in fact have the Johnstown flood national park

  12. 7:08 the capital of Pennsylvania isn't infact Philadelphia, but Harrisburg. However, Philadelphia did serve as the temporary capital of the U.S. between 1790 and 1800 while D.C. was being built.

  13. When the two civil war generals who got their ass kicked are from Pennsylvania and the two generals that helped win the war are from Ohio

  14. Great video Mr. Beat! Slight edit at around the 8:20 mark. Their names are actually Jeremiah Dixon and Charles Mason (I think you may have mixed up their last names). Again great video as always!

  15. “Pennsylvania is not a coastal state”
    me a resident of Philadelphia looking at the navy yard and other such places “debatable”

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