Officials Say ‘No One Intervened’ As Woman Was Assaulted On Pennsylvania Train

Police say a woman was raped on a Pennsylvania train as passengers watched, and no one intervened or called for help. A 35-year-old man is facing rape and assault charges. 

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  1. This is nothing new. Happened to me in a fancy hotel in beautiful Victoria BC. No one cares. They just threw me out like I was the bad person. Canadians are no diff.

  2. It would've been so easy to stop him. The fact that he did that while he was surrounded by ppl scares me. You'd think you'd be a bit safer if there's witnesses but apparently ppl are too monstrous

  3. Why are people kneeling for criminals? Why are diversity quotas and affirmative action still a thing? Why is $840 BILLION every year going to people who have received govt benefits for generations? Why are we allowing our country to be destroyed? Why wont someone do something?

  4. Not too long ago, how many times did we hear about a man stepping into a domestic violence situation, then getting hurt or charged himself? This is partly a reaction to that! 🤷‍♂️ just saying!

  5. 😬😬😬
    I gotta do it….
    69th Street? Niiicccce.
    I'm sorry.

    And in all seriousness, the people calling the bystanders just as guilty are exactly the people who wouldn't help. You created this. A world where you just blindly condemn from across a screen, which has lead to no one wanting to help because they're too scared helping will get them in trouble. True, the bystander effect has always existed. But you definitely didn't make it any better when youve repeatedly tried to punish people who had video evidence on their side. You people, who have purposefully caused a cultural where "defund da powice" somehow makes sense to you. Where stopping crimes can AND HAVE (ALOT) just got that person punished if the criminal is a different group than you, and the people crying online are just bigoted enough. Ffs, what did you think was going to happen? This is the consequences of all the landmark cases you unfairly judged because you wanted to seem like the "good guy".

  6. No men in Pensylvania! that whole section of the country is trash. Is everybody happy imasculating and feminising men? Try this in Texas! Kyle Rittenhouse should've been on this train with his "assault rifle" but we Charge our young heroes with murder in this country!

  7. They've must of been walking around calling her beautiful or standing and staring why would they help im sure they got people following her around

  8. feminism caused this for men to abandon them all together thus to not be met with misandry and mansplaining. besides she's strong and independent but I guess she learned the hard way it's not the same on tv/movies without the vfx, jump cables, or choreography…

  9. seriously?? multiple passengers ??? I guess in my day in my old neighborhood me and neighbors have and wouldve grouped together to do the best we could. Unbelievably Sad

  10. A lot of western women has brought this on themselves, screaming men ain't sh*t…take everything after divorce…I'm miss independent…lying damaging lives has significantly helped to create these situations.

  11. What kind of evil spirit watch that, and do nothing. The Bible speak of these evil times. It won’t be long before God return. I can’t believe this….

  12. Let people carry firearms without harassment (like the Bill Of Rights says) by authorities and all the crazy people and criminals will be dead inside one year!

  13. Yes can't believe nobody felt like being accused of being a racist by intervening. Why risk getting sued by the victim or catching charges for yourself when you can play it safe obviously what the passengers decided

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