Nurse says Washington’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate is creating division

Gov. Jay Inslee’s office says it has the authority to require COVID-19 vaccines for state employees, health care workers, but not everyone is planning to comply.



  1. Actors in the operating theatre of health care are required to be ejaculated with the Harvey Weinstein bio-weapon prick…… THIS IS AGAINST THE LAW…… where is the Nuremberg trial for these moron politicians? Ought to be strung up by the neck! It's Remberance Day….. lest we forget……. anyone remember the name Josef Mengele….. the angel of death? Spreading DIS – EASE to cure disease…. DUH! The "vaccinated" (not a vaccine) are protected….. where is the rational? Ivermectin, C, D and zinc.

  2. The vaccine mandate is t causing division, the pos ignorant deplorable anti vaxers are! Anyone who works in healthcare who refuses should be fired without unemployment pension benefits! They’re obviously too stupid to work in that field! F**k this stupid c**t! It’s like a fireman saying fire extinguishers are bad!

  3. Vaccines were NEVER designed to stop the transmission of COVID, but to protect from hospitalization/death. I'm fully vaccinated as are most of the people I know but you get/give the virus via your nose and mouth and the vaccine does little to protect those areas. An Intranasal vaccine spray is now in development to try and significantly reduce transmission. This is why countries with very high vaccination rates (above 80%) are still seeing relatively high transmission rates. The US is now 70% (18+) fully vaccinated. If parents decide to vaccinate their 5 to11-year-old children that is their choice…but there's no data that justifies forcing them to be vaccinated..

  4. Everybody I just want to know, I am the nurses sons best friend! Haley's son Ethan is here with me right now he is so excited that 47,000 people have seen his image on the news. By the way his mom gave birth to his baby sister Adeline!!

  5. It's discrimination already, there's division amongst people because of this vaccine. People are now being classified, the unvaccinated are now in the disadvantaged and vulnerable group. Are we heading to a dystopian society?

  6. Brave of her for speaking up. She has my respect. People need to stop hating on the unvaccinated. Vaccinated people still can catch and spread covid.

  7. "Last month you were a hero. Today you are expendable."- Leftism in a nutshell.

    You were serving people in a virtuous profession. You studied your ass off, worked ungodly hours, and now they are throwing you out like a rotten slab of meat.

  8. Yes it is creating division between smart people (vaccinated ones) and dumb people (unvaccinated ones)……but the rift between smart and dumb has always existed which is why I never travel to ex-Confederate states…….

  9. Antivaxxers have been hammering this wedge for years. Trump/politics added fuel to the movement. The pandemic brought it to a head. The mandate is a scapegoat. There were already people (mostly right leaning) saying they didn't want the shot before the election took place…

  10. I feel like i have to comply with something that is going to kill me. Here's my choice….a baseball bat to the head or an injection that will put me to sleep forever….WHAT KIND OF CHOICE IS THAT? Americans, you are losing everything…..stand up now….fight back!!!!

  11. The governer is a man dwarfed in intelligence by a 6oz plastic cup of gelatin. What the hell is wrong with western Washington that they keep putting these kinds of people in power?

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