New York's LOST marvel – The Story of Pennsylvania Station – IT'S HISTORY

Today we explore the rise and fall of New York Cities famous Pennsylvania Station. This station was once one of the most beautiful structures in America, but now – little remains beyond photographs.

Pennsylvania Station was a historic railroad station in New York City, named for the Pennsylvania Railroad (PRR), its builder and original tenant. The station occupied an 8-acre (3.2 ha) plot bounded by Seventh and Eighth Avenues and 31st and 33rd Streets in Midtown Manhattan. As the terminal shared its name with several stations in other cities, it was sometimes called New York Pennsylvania Station, or Penn Station for short.


01:11 – The land acquisition to build Penn Station
04:15 – Penn Stations opening day
05:34 – VIP guests at Pennsylvania Station
05:45 – The expansion of Pennsylvania Station
06:18 – The down fall of Pennsylvania Station
07:32 – The demolition of Pennsylvania Station
09:00 – The construction of Madison Square Garden
10:25 – What artefacts remain of Penn station?
11:38 – What do American’s wear pyjamas to work?

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  1. You see this everywhere. The more they build and call it progress, the more homogeneous we become. All the cities in the United States look the same. The city I live in likes to claim that folksy charm, mannerisms, and such. If you look at the city I live in it looks like any other city with tall buildings. You know, Germany after WW2 when it was bombed almost to the stone age. They had a choice to make scrap everything then start a new or salvage and rebuild their culture. Thankfully they chose the latter restoring where they can but, some places were bomb beyond restoration they had to build new structures leaving a beautiful country out of the ashes of WW2.

  2. And the they replaced it with the ugliest spots venue in the country! Market Square Arena in Indianapolis and The Kingdome in Seattle were uglier. But they were both demolished 20 years ago!

  3. I've heard this said before, and I'll echo it until I die: destroying Penn Station was NYC's original sin. Don't even get me started on the death of the PRR, I'm not even American and that makes me mad. Yes it was losing money like crazy after WWII, but I think with creative management the PRR could've absolutely survived into the 21st century if not for the merger with the NY Central RR. A pair of twin tragedies for The US' industrial history.

  4. Kinda arbitrary to call it the most beautiful station in the world. Has there been a survey I'm not aware of or have you visited every train station in the world? lol I mean sure it was grand and elegant and it's a real shame that it was demolished, but the most beautiful? I don't think anyone could make this distinction, especially since all we have now are a bunch of photos!

  5. The Best part was ur Small monologue at the end there Very beautiful very True we are nothing without traditions

  6. New Yorkers much as I love your city how it used to look like in the 90's, please for the love of God do not overdose on gentrification to the point where your unrecognizable.
    C'mon you're the hometown of the original Ghostbusters, a good amount of Marvel superheroes & of course beloved well-known musicians such as the late great DMX, Aaliyah, The Notorious BIG, Method Man, Jadakiss & The Lox etcetera.
    Don't change who you are as a person and of course unique classic old school city that's a worthy rival to Hollywood California.
    Leave that gentrification to the United Kingdom, you're New Yorkers best known for underground 90's hip-hop & other awesome stuff that comes to mind.
    Hollywood California ain't really trying far as creativity, spending so much time kissing butts of Twitter jerks making garbage movies & other products.😒
    My point is that stay true to yourself New Yorkers, never ever stop being awesome.😎

  7. We lost tradition and grace when we sought to abolish the class system with a “middle class” myth. The same myth that’s dying now

  8. Opening up public spaces to poor people made society less classy? The hell kind of thing is that to say. It stripped the high society pretentiousness more like.

  9. real new yorkers know that the Penn Station and MSG area are filled with the homeless and especially heroin users. Nothing really changed, maybe its just less noticeable in a less aesthetically pleasing station.

  10. Wow way to play off stereotypes. Anyone from the New York area knows that the area around MSG isn't some sort of "seedy" area of NYC. Its in Midtown Manhattan bordering Lower Manhattan. Not exactly a "seedy" area of the city. What would it have turned into had the station not been torn down? Exactly what it is today. I hate these stereotypes of New York being such a dangerous place. In fact per capita New York is a very safe city especially Manhattan. In fact NYC doesn't even rank in the top 50 for most dangerous cities in the country. This leads me to believe this content creator has never been to NYC before. So good on you for bringing attention to this former historic landmark in New York but perhaps next time do a little bit more research on current conditions before putting across fallacies about places you obviously know little about.

  11. If the two options were "Trashy penn station" or "MSG" then maybe you are right that MSG was the right choice.

    But those weren't the option. Instead we got MSG and a new Penn Station that was also trashy.

    But there was a third option and that option was our country not letting our infrastructure collapse, and keep the original Penn Station.

  12. If it had survived until today's New York City, it would undoubtedly had been preserved and would have been beautiful- much like modern Grand Central.

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