1. Man, what a miserable game filled with miserable self inflicted penalties by both teams. Two bad teams trying to prove which is worse. Typically, I'm excited for TNF or MNF but this game made me bored listening to over the radio at work. It's not the worst but definitely isn't the best, a 5 out of 10 on the rating scale.

  2. Vanilla Vick should’ve had 2 Rush TD. That call was BS. And also if his offense don’t stop dropping the football, they definitely left a lot of point. And that defense is just soft

  3. I'll take this win. I saw a lot of holdings on Washington's defense. Taylor played well but made a costly mistake. We won. That's all that matters.

  4. I have no faith left in the Giants. They keep disappointing me. Porous Defense, offsides, false starts, dropped passes and injury prone players (Evan F ing Engram). I can't take it anymore. They may not win a game all year. All the other teams compete. These guys just keep folding, finding ways to loose. I have watched my last loss. I'm done.

  5. Jones played phenomenal I was kinda of rooting for him to hit the 100 yds rushing. Horrible penalty by Dex game should have been a blowout or win by at least 10 . On a positive note they are with out Evan Engram and Kadarius Toney has yet to really be inserted into the game plans. Look I aint saying not to complain but just know we have 15 more games this team has even more potential than this and it'll show this year😬😬😬

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