Navy probes 7 suicides among USS George Washington crew

The Navy acknowledged three more suicides occurred in 2019 and 2020, bringing the number of sailors who took their own lives while the USS George Washington has been in overhaul to seven. The three most recent deaths occurred within a week earlier this month. David Martin reports.

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  1. What they say they’ll do and what they really do…. they told their sailors “ lower your standards”. Fix real problems Mr President

  2. I served on this ship for 6 years, made 3 Mediterranean deployments, I've seen at least 5 dear John suicides per deployment, 2 or 3 just mental health related, and 2 because gay or race related. Everything from hanging with an extension cord, to picking up chalk and chains and stepping off the waist of the flight deck. I remember it's like prison at sea, I had shipmates steal everything from cd players to ps2 and one time a guy even stole my underwear with my name in two inch tall letters across the crotch, and still said they were his,. I had mail opened and uniform items stolen. When I told my first class he laughed. I had also been cut like in a Turkish prison, guy just ran a box cutter down my but cheek, while I was working, and was told by my first class to lie when I had to get stitches. I heard Lee made chief too. I still say the cat and arresting gear guys had it the worst. But the women on board different animal, so many performed sex acts to get out of working party's or to get chiefs mess or library for t.a.d., or for their surface or air pins. I knew one that got pregnant to miss ships movement then got an abortion after she got her shore duty. Just saying it's a messed up boat.

  3. It's imperative that the US Navy gets its act together and upholds the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) on all US Navy ship – by providing proper and decent accommodation for US Navy personnel – so that fundamental human rights can be restored in the US Navy. Otherwise – as the leader in the International Intelligence Community – which includes the CIA, ONI, NID, MI5, MI6, BND, DGSE, NSA and the FBI – I can assure all US admirals and captains that heads will roll, if they don't live up to the expectations of Officers and Gentlemen of the US Navy 🙂

  4. BACKSTORY! 20 YEARS, 6 SHIPS, 2 CARRIERS, and her "FAMILY" comment. This woman, US Rep. Elaine Luria, is why women in the military should not be electeds. Any reasonable person that understands contractors and the military understands iron workers, biker gangs, tatoos, drinking and drugs – and a command climate and leadership of both men and women that change into suits and uniforms just like their electeds. This elected official is an official cover-up with no conscience! Dig into the story media! The young sailors were cleaning up after the older creeps of men and women on the ship. Those young sailors that just left high school and boot camp were and probably will continue to be tortured in my opinion. Dig into the story media! (Call in Pandora Papers, Fat Leonard, MilitaryTimes, NavyTimes, and Task & Purpose resources if necessary.)

  5. PLEASE, all young people need to research where they will be stationed before MEPS. The USS George Washington and "Fat Leonard," etc. issues are not limited to the US Navy. The NavyTimes, MilitaryTimes and Task & Purpose are a great resources. The media needs to not let loose of this command climate and leadership ONGOING PROBLEM! A WWII US Navy Veteran's daughter and a person that served. Semper Fortis to all the young sailors that serve and have served with honor! 👩‍🦰😷♟⚓☕🍩

  6. Why should they have to go crazy 😧 because of these construction 🏗️🚧 fixes they should put everyone on anew ship with proper living conditions or give them proper living conditions. We spend too much on our military dollars for them to not be able to have what they need and the upmost care. How horrific

  7. OSHA laws do not apply to the military. They can literally be made to live or work in any conditions, with zero protection from the law. They should read the paperwork before they sign up. Baby killers don't deserve to live in comfort.

  8. This is pathetic. The leadership should be relieved. I retired after 22 yrs. If you don't take care of those you are in charge of, how do you expect them to do their jobs well? Nothing has changed with many officers and senior enlisted. They will pushed the lower ranking to their limits for personal gains…..POS

  9. Comparing this to war conditions is the atrocity. Out of their minds! Admirals go to lunch and drink tea. Something very very wrong in our navy. Are they being punished?

  10. Honestly, it's what you get when you sign your life away and become legal government property.

  11. If a ship is in dock for this type of work, no one should be staying on it. VERY irresponsible of the Navy to not provide billets.

  12. Living on any ship while in overhaul, is like living in a steel factory that operates 24 hours a day.

  13. Bad conditions don't just take place on ships. They happen stateside and at naval air stations, too. My own attempts to remedy a dangerous situation were met with dismissive laughter and a shove out the door.

  14. Big Navy, big government, big insurance, big food, big pharma, big oil, big business, big everything, a commoner's nightmare.

  15. Long walks, no parking, cars towed, toxic leaders, no water, working head rehabilitation, flash burns, early and long work days, dust in the air, etc…(everything about it was disgusting). Sounds like a Tuesday when my ship CVN-71 was in NNSY. Master Chief, Marines aren't sleeping in foxholes in garrison. Sailors have to live like this in the states and deployments, pretty much the entire time they're attached to a ship. I think mostly carrier sailors will understand this pain.

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    Americans are Conservatives.
    All Christians are Conservatives. Some Conservatives are not Christian Characters, but are to smart not to side against Conservatives, when it comes time to vote Republican.

    Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine did not put Christian Church before the atheist States, when writing the Constitutional Republic of America. For this reason, Democracy thrives, at the cost of reshaping the Constitutional Republic of America. One Example, is President Biden attacking the Second amendment and somehow getting away with illegal mandates.

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    The leaders of Democracy are Nancy Oligarchy Pelosi, Chuck Oligarchy Schumer, President Tyrant Biden and Communist China. Democracy is destroying America.

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  17. If you care about your sons, don’t let them join this military. The Biden administration has opened the floodgates for toxic leadership & insane ideology to run rampant. Don’t let your kids die for this. The military is NOT what it used to be

  18. What's going to happen? Tons of suicide prevention classes, safety classes, and "mandatory fun days" (yes that's really a thing and that's really what it's called)

    They're literally living in a construction zone, that would even drive Marines nuts.

    There was probably a building situation that exacerbated to many different situations, especially in a handful of units, and it spread, and morale plummeted.

  19. Funny how they think being in the military is a cake walk. Since they could fantasize being in the military is a life of easy leisure perhaps a little more effort in their fantasizing would help.

  20. I never had a recuter tell me I would get a holiday Inn stay while ship was in over haul I. Was in two ship over hauls it sucks for sure but I joined

  21. Everyone has been surprised by the poor performance of the Russian military who suffer from low morale. It seems that our military has a rot beneath the surface. It's no wonder voluntary enlistment in the military is low.
    Something else is going on in that ship.

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