Navy Addresses Morale Concerns After Several Suicides On USS George Washington

The U.S. Navy is addressing several deaths by suicide on the USS George Washington with their plan for repairing morale through team-building exercises like a video game competition. Some sailors are claiming the efforts are not going far enough after the ship saw three shipmates die within one week in April. NBC News’ Deon Hampton reports.

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  1. Remember when the argument started “Everybody gets a trophy after a competition”? Win or lost? Well, look what you’ve done. This is a normal thing for Navy Drydock’s. Refueling is or was every 5 years, and being an older ship, needed short refitted. About the filth. Everyone is assigned a particular space to always keep spotless. Painted, wiped, disinfected. Usually E4 and below. Someone with a higher rank like E4 or E5 is in charge of seeing that the sailors are doing it. If it goes past that, like on the news, there is a breakdown in chain of command. If it’s the entire ship, deployed, shipyard, or docked, that can go to the Captain. People need to be relieved of their duties on CVN-73. A Psychologist on the ship? I was stationed on that ship. We were therapist for one another. The Navy been around for a long time, 1700’s? Why are people mentally breaking down in our armed forces? Don’t say different culture and time. People make culture and it’s the generation before them who guides. Why are sailors living in filth? Are sailors afraid of cancel culture in the Navy? Better hope not.. a Naval disorganization is a bottom dweller. When we hit the yards, I got 5 friends together and we rented a cheap 2 bedroom run down apartment for 6 months. $500 a month. Each $150 with utilities. Sailors have freedoms to do that unless someone changed it. Without shipmates to trust, or Bullying, or syndicates singling people out, they are NOT gonna make it. And until this woke cancel culture and fake revenge attacks stops, it will get worse before it gets better. This is the military, leave all the rest of your beliefs at home. Period… that goes for everyone. If not, it can get people killed.

  2. I worked on that ship for 3 years and can testify that morale was low and the "leadership" seemed oblivious at times and apathetic at other times.

  3. BOO HOO! I spent years on two carriers in the 70's under stressful conditions in Pacific. Does anyone expect being on a warship to be a pleasure cruise? What's gonna happen when a real war breaks out? I shudder to guess!

  4. Video games? I have a son in the marines and a army daughter and vet wife. The representative was doing what he was told but the fact that the ship overhaul and loading of personnel on a poorly ventilated partially powered ship harkens back to the wet ships of the Royal Navy when mens lives were dime a dozen. I would not advise a current career in the navy although other branches are fine. Their recruitment is dropping and people are choosing other branches. I wish the admirals would care as much as the soldiers. Video games?

  5. anybody currently in the navy (E4 and below) actively on a ship let me know what you think below and comment how what you think of Navy leadership both on your ship, Navy higher ups, etc

  6. My son told me that during Boot Camp when someone got Covid they were isolated in a cubicle and forced to sit in a chair for over 18 hours and was able to sleep the remainder of the hours… That these navy sailors that had Covid we’re going crazy and throwing poop at each other. Maltreatment really needs to be researched

  7. So the ship was delayed twice at least since 2017 to do needed work! Is it because of budget concerns and Trump tax cut or even the Border wall BS shuffle! You could do your entire enlistment in the shipyard! You can bet the officers and senior enlisted all went home to apartments Those jerks should all be court martialed for dereliction of duty letting their lower ranking members put up with this BS! Plus there is no way the ship is combat effective! They should have kept a mothballed carrier in service for anything over 6 months in a naval yard! Bet the other carriers had to pick up the slack with more cruises and wear and tear! Noticed ship had been on the west coast! West coast carriers always had crappier officers and higher morale problems than those on the east coast! East coast your closer to the Capitol where politicians can make visits!

  8. Those without grandfathers from ww2, humm, because of your faulters, and your beliefs. Working them indifferently, because you failed their familys. Maybe you need to esses who they are. Probably more of the issue, who you as an entire country still does. Im sure you have some hurricane that will rip through your gullet each year, and I'm certain youd want to create jobs, but that slave labor though huh. No your not. Never have been, ever.

  9. PLEASE, all young people need to research where they will be stationed before going through MEPS. The USS George Washington and "Fat Leonard," etc. issues are not limited to the US Navy. The NavyTimes, MilitaryTimes and Task & Purpose are a great resources. The media needs to not let loose of this command climate and leadership ONGOING PROBLEM! A WWII US Navy Veteran's daughter and a person that served. Semper Fortis to all the young sailors that serve and have served with honor! 👩‍🦰😷♟⚓☕🍩

  10. This isn't a "morale" issue. So-called "team building'" exercises, such as stupid video game competitions, isn't going to fix the issue.

    The issue is this: These sailors are ships company and they're single with no kids. They have to live on the boat, even while the boat is undergoing long term extensive repairs.

    They're not part of an airwing, Marine detachment, special ops or anything associated with to the boat. These sailors are the boat.

    Ship's company sailors are not allowed to live on base housing. Also, these sailors don't get the housing benefits that are allotted to sailors with families.

    Let's say these sailors wanted to pool their resources and rent an apartment off-base. They'd all have to get permission to do so, and there's no guarantee permission will be granted.

    So, these sailors are stuck living in a 24/7 construction site – constant power outages, constant noise, constant running water issues, heads that don't flush, etc.

    The worst part of the story is this: I guarantee that the sailor's senior enlisted (E7/E8/E9+) knew exactly how bad the living situation is. However, they're answer is something akin to "hey, it was bad for me too, so it has to be bad for you now too".

    I can say all of this from firsthand, real-world experience. My last 6months in the Navy, I was ships company and did mid-watches (12hrs, night til morning). I accepted that, all good.

    Problem was, my team and I had to sleep in our PoVs (privately owned vehicles), off base, as the Kitty Hawk was in a 8 month refit. All day, every day, contractors were tearing up the ship, blasting music, smoking, etc. right next to our racks. No way to sleep thru that.

    NO ONE IN OUR CHAIN OF COMMAND CARED. THEY DIDN'T CARE BECAUSE IT DIDN'T DIRECTLY AFFECT THEM. THEY KNEW US OVERNIGHT GUYS HAD TO SLEEP IN A CONSTRUCTION SITE, THEY JUST DIDN'T CARE. Heck, our comms admins (Division Officer, Warrant Officer, Master Chief, etc.) moved their office off ship to get away from the noise so they could do their paperwork all day.

    Word to the wise – if you're thinking about joining the military, stay far away from the Navy. Go for Air Force, Coasties, etc.

  11. it has nothing to do with morale and everything to do with how the newer generations are being raised. kids these days require trophies even if they don't win. it's almost illegal to discipline a child physically anymore. we've raised a generation of pansies with paper thin skin who can't take criticism or even any kind of negative feedback without taking it as a personal attack. suicide is thrown around as an attention getter and if they don't get the attention that they want then they move on with their plan. kids these days need a firmer hand raising them so that they can grow into strong stable adults.

  12. 👆🏿👆🏿OMG saying thank you is not enough to show my respect to you, it an honor to work with you cause you made it póssible

  13. 👆🏿👆🏿OMG saying thank you is not enough to show my respect to you, it an honor to work with you cause you made it póssible

  14. …. ur on a war ship . This is not a game ..the military should do a better job vetting kids into the armed forces …

  15. Republican Party is greatest threat to humanity Seditionist Qanon on nose 👃🍭. Deplorables. Moscow Mitch. ). V. T. O.

  16. America is so oppressive… everything is like systemic slavery. People mostly tolerate this abuse for money and survival. It’s really sad. Everyone is struggling a depressed while few get rich!

  17. When my son considered joining the Navy, I just drove him to Norfolk Naval Base then to Langley AFB. I didn’t have to say much to dissuade him from joining the USN. Twelve hour shifts, random and disruptive noises, the smell of welding, bad smells, cold or hot compartments(living quarters) work parties (not fun), and more; that is the ship yard. The GW must be worse and I’m sorry for that.

  18. This is what happens to western warcriminals, have you people ever thought how much suffering and pain you have caused to so many innocent people in developing nations by draconian sanctions, interventions, exploitations and invasions, that is mainly for money and power, you screw people in other countries and your own people, this is what is done by the greedy elites

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  20. Why does anyone need to be on a ship that is not used because it is having major repairs assign them somewhere else until the ship is livable again

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