Murray Opens Against Ymer; Edmund, Draper in Action | Washington 2022 Day 1 Highlights

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  1. Murrays groundstrokes just don't seem to have the same weight or court penetration that they once did. Balls just seem to float or sit up more regularly rather the stretching opponents or putting them on the back foot.

  2. I watched Mmoh play his last qualifier match in DC. Man can he serve and I never saw him buggy whip, just whip a wrist shot even when he was late. He could move up the ranks if he makes a few tweaks. I like Watanuki's game. If he has a stronger mental game, he will break through. Better luck next tournament.

  3. I like Ymer my other favorite pro because his very relax and he controls his emotions even in the toughest moment. His ground strokes is very relax too it's like we're watching a ballet dancer performing on stage.👍🙏🙂❤️

  4. This was the kind of win Mikael Ymer needed to boost his confidence after a dip in form lately. Hope he can find some momentum now, but Karatsev will be a tuogh opponent for sure in the next round.
    Mikael also have a lot of points to defend right now and he risks falling behind his big brother Elias for the first time in quite a while if he fails to find his form. That's not acceptable! Got to show his brother who's boss in the family, right? 😀

  5. ymer c est ki ?? personne ne le connais et il met une tole a murray dans le troisieme qui n ai plus du tout en mesure de tenir trois sets c est triste de voir ca pr un triple vainqueur de grand schlem quand est ce qu il comprendra qu il serait bien plus judicieux de racrocher une bnne fois pour tte

  6. Ymir's a player I'm always rooting for to up his game to the next level, just such great athleticism and fun to watch. A little success and maybe a bit more emotion on the court and I feel he'd definitely wind up being a fan favorite.

  7. Poor Andy – I just read he got upset when asked about retirement but come on dude your time is up and it’s not worth dragging it out any longer – before any negative comments – look at what just happened at Wimbledon 22 when he was ‘definitely’ going to win it 🥺

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