More than 100 Washington State Patrol employees fired for not getting COVID-19 vaccine

The state fired 127 Washington State Patrol (WSP) employees, about 5% of the department, for failing to provide proof of COVID-19 vaccination by Gov. Jay Inslee’s Oct. 18 deadline.

Of that group, 74 were commissioned officers including 67 troopers, six sergeants, and one captain. The remaining employees worked in civilian positions such as dispatchers, administrators, and instructors.

“We’ve lost good people with good hearts,” said WSP spokesperson Chris Loftis.



  1. Ye. Yu go to Alaska. They want you. We need to get the disease. Down and Away. Get vaxxed. It's the smart thing to do. Then it wil ooen. Figure it out. If your 40 and uo. You should know better that's how things work !

  2. King 5 is a disgrace to the journalist's profession for their often friendly takes on the vaccine mandates, censorship and police shaming. The other 2 legacy outfits are the same corporate shills and government toadies as well. The kinds of people that support these mandates are the same kind that supported putting natives on reservations, jewish people in concentration camps, uyghurs in reeducation camps, etc…

  3. "Taking care of the citizens of Washington was very important to me". But apparently that doesn't include protecting those citizens from covid. I don't know about this particular group but by in large, vaccine protestors are Republicans engaged in a bitter fight against President Biden and the Democrats; calling themselves patriots all the while endangering themselves and all that are around them.

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