Montana vs #20 Washington Football Game Highlights 9 4 2021

Montana vs #20 Washington Football Game Highlights 9 4 2021
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  1. Washington scored more against Michigan than they did against Montana… Bring on Michigan, Michigan State etc… Montana will play anybody.

  2. Ain't UDub in…Seattle?…an' ain't tha' Grizzles in lil' ol' Missoula, Montana?…Question for UDubs…didja' yer ' mayor Jenny aka 'Tear Gas Jenny' go to tha' game?…without Po-Po escorts?

  3. There's the PAC12 we've come to know and despise..!!! The PAC12's new slogan should be — — Iffin ourselves silly so you don't have to — — Just so hard to take this Conference serious when you have ranked schools like Washington scoring 7 points against Montana.. smh

  4. Huskies: "But we have a safe space for ANTIFA on our campus and we're very safe for all. And we have our own CHOP zone."
    Grizzlies: "We beat you. Compete by the rules"

  5. The opportunity to win was there, Morris threw into coverage and Montana keyed in on his favorite target, game. This will be fixed.

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