METEOR Explodes Over PENNSYLVANIA! Passing ASTEROID to Blame!


HOW The Earth Can Be Saved??

ASTEROID Double the size of Empirestate building to PASS earth!

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I am NOT a professional Meteorologist. This channel and content are my opinions and personal forecasts I share and blog with the public using public information and weather charts. I ALWAYS highly recommend people listen to ‘Local Weather stations’ for Current and up to date Weather information wherever you may live. Stay Safe!

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  1. First off… You are all AMAZING. thank you for being here!
    -NASA DART Mission
    -Invisible Asteroids??
    -NEW Telescope Launch
    -Meteor Explosions….. Is this Real life? LINKS BELOW!

    HOW The Earth Can Be Saved??

    ASTEROID Double the size of Empirestate building to PASS earth!

  2. This makes me wonder if the whole escaped monkey thing is a red herring to make people stop asking questions about this. They certainly are putting on a show, all while saying "don't look at us" which is exactly how you throw a red herring.

  3. I will tell you guys right now “they are lying” nothing can enter or leave the earth. These meterors that supposedly rattle houses and destroy house/cars windows are stars” that is why you don’t see them as you did 10 years ago. The book of enoch says the stars are in the firmament. The sun and moon will also lose their light and china is starting a project to launch a fake moon and sun. You will not know the last days are coming, because someone is trying to deceive you. The bible says even the believers will be deceived. Keep your eyes open and question everybody.

  4. We live on a rock floating through space that has been bombarded by asteroids and comets and earthquakes and volcanic activity… just something that comes along with life in the earth we live it’s not some surprise that this happens!

  5. Cool video but maybe slow down a little won't sound so nervous/weird. Is this how you talk to your freinds?..🤖

  6. We've had an increase in military presence here in SW PA recently, and out of the ordinary smaller earthquakes. A few friends and I have a theory about weather/storm/climate control project

  7. Detecting an asteroid in the middle of zillions of sqcube spaces is challenging. Look out to see and se if your eye can detect every item that pops up for a few seconds.

  8. Thank you Brian, thanks for giving me and us, all the knowledge that you have been putting out on your channel.
    Knowledge is power, and the power to know whats going on…that’s a Blessing!
    Keep up the good, Peace& Love

  9. I decided to open the shop new years day…I was up and running by 10am but it was dead. I'm in Pittsburgh… But I didn't hear anything that morning.

  10. Heard here 1205 an western NY, shook like a quake, lit sky up, huge explosion, everyone hear freaked out but wrote it off as thunder because it also rained a few min. But no way it was thunder.

  11. Not sure if anyone remembers, but Jupiter was hit in the 1990's and the Fireball was larger than the size of Earth. If we get hit by something that large we're all toast.

  12. It seems that they are telling us what they suspect, what they think it was, what they believe it was, what it might be, what it could've been however they're not telling exactly what it was, could've been a Rail Gun, Aliens however until they can precisely tell what it is, there no sense in speculating, that only leads to confusion, since it was foggy, maybe if they stop blocking the radiation from the Sun every other day with the CHEMTRAILS they could see what it was.

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