Longwood Gardens, Pennsylvania, USA [Amazing Places 4K]

Longwood Gardens is one of the largest botanical gardens in the United States.
Recorded May 25, 2014 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100.

zero-project (zero-project.gr), licensed under the “Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License”:
zero-project – Autumn prelude – 02 – Autumn prelude

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Filmed and Edited by Milosh Kitchovitch


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  1. Picture meny yrs from now when all the earth will be in homes and such a garden as you will be apart ❤ to all who believe have faith it will come to be Glory to the Creators Purpose Be there with me

  2. Many years ago it was often called or referred too as the du Pont Gardens as it was the families estate. I don't know if it's still possible but years ago they had tours through the family mansion.

  3. After visiting a few times in my youth and then later on with my own family I believe this is the closets we can get to heaven on earth…"He who plants a garden works hand and hand with God"…….Pierre S. du Pont

  4. This is absolutely beautiful. This is my second time watching this video today, I saw it for the first time this morning during a group meeting with my one social group. I had to look it up ror myself now to get the full expierence. I would love to visit this place some day. It looks so peaceful and majestic.

  5. Long wood garden is always my favorite place to go in spring and summer its magical there every time I go I never want to leave thank you for sharing it warm up my heart ❤️ I woke with a lot of snow out side right now

  6. They recently completed a complete overhaul of the main fountain. It’s in much better condition, and during the nighttime water show, fire comes out of some of the fountains!

  7. i'm from Québec and I went there for a school trip and I can truly say this is the place that makes me most happy. I cried so much when I visited the greenhouse cuz im a crazy plant lover and now I have the project to live in a greenhouse like that one. I could never explain how happy I was while visiting… I RECOMMEND IT 100%

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