LLWS 2019 New Jersey vs Pennsylvania | Mid-Atlantic Regional

Enola, PA vs. Elizabeth, NJ
(Mid-Atlantic Regional)
Aug 7, 2019


  1. STOP WEARING #42. It’s like wearing #99 in hockey. You just don’t do it. Seen so many kids in recent years do it. I’m a coach and don’t let kids wear it. MLB has one special day set aside when everyone wears 42, other than that don’t do it! Follow the unwritten rules of baseball!

  2. I was on the Hawaii team last year and bro it gets so boring after winning a bunch of championships

  3. it's so funny playin on that team a couple year and we didn't make it and then the people who used to be the people under me doing big things now

  4. Yea half an inning and already don't like the high School kid Mateo wonder how he feels popping up against a little leaguer..haahaaa

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