LIVE: Washington Commanders: New era begins as Washington Football Team announces new name| FOX 5 DC

WASHINGTON COMMANDERS! After an 18-month-search the Washington Football Team has announced its new name: The Washington Commanders.




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  1. He’s an idiot,why open yourself up for criticism. I liked Washington team because the jerks that were calling for the name change were going crazy! I would have kept them waiting for a name to criticize for eternity.Now he’s given them a name they can criticize and gripe about! What an IDIOT!!!

  2. Shoudda went with: "DC Commanders" Washington is a misnomer, still echoes the tasteless slur of "Redskins". Also DC is "Mo' Cool". Missed opportunity to bury the hatchet.

  3. You got to be kidding me. That Washington Commanders new white uniform looks like the person wearing it forgot to put clothing over his jock strap. Look at that white uniform.

  4. The name will be changed. Hearing “Let’s Go Commies Let’s Go” is going to eat this team alive. It’s going to cause discontent throughout the team. It won’t last believe me.

  5. Time and especially winning helps a new name settle in. For example, for Los Angeles the names Lakers and Dodgers don’t really make sense. But lots of both time and winning made those classic names. As for the Washington Nationals aka the Nats, that’s not really a powerful name at all either. But they won a World Series and they have a history now. Commanders truly and strongly relates to D.C. and Maryland and Virginia. From General Washington, to all branches of the military, to the Commander-in-Chief. As we say Nats or Caps for Capitals, we can affectionately call this new team the Washington Brass. Winning will make any team name strong—even plain ones like the Browns or Packers that sound good now because of years of tradition and people growing up with them. Also, think about it: a Commander makes a name like a Cardinal (a small red seed-eating bird) sound like a weakling…

  6. You can tell this whole thing was just thrown together and no one rehersed or anything like that. The ENTIRE unveiling was awkward as hell. Right from the start, Doug Williams when he announced it on the field with Jason and Jon was awkward, this entire presentation is awkward. Like wtf, why can't we get anything right.

  7. NO NO NO!!! I was born a Redskin, & I will die a Redskin, & I write that with all my Honor & Respect towards the name of: Washington Redskins. Hail to the Redskins. I would've been OK with the name Washington Aztecs or Washington Mexicans….just saying Ppl.

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