Live: Donald Trump holds campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

President Donald Trump resumes his campaign rallies after his COVID-19 diagnosis in Johnstown, Pennsylvania

Trump said yesterday in Florida that he was feeling ‘powerful’ and that he was ‘immune’ from the virus.

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Trump tosses Covid masks and offers to KISS Florida rally crowd in campaign return after doc says he’s ‘not infectious’

President slams Fauci in tweet claiming ‘his pitching arm is more accurate’ than covid predictions

Ivanka Trump reveals she nagged Donald to rest after Covid battle and vows she’ll be ‘first in line’ for new vaccine

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  1. Well now let me play devils advocate. Maybe people do show up to Biden rally's and no one knows because Biden forgot where the rally was and ended up in the wrong place?

  2. A lot of us will in England, and other countries, would love to have someone like Trump. No BS. I hope he overturns this fraud.

  3. “The most important dividing line in American politics these days, it seems to me, isn't between liberal and conservative. It's between those who saw the con early and those who still don't see it.”
    Orin Kerr

  4. He gets up there and incites hatred, rambles for two hours and insults people. Instead of informing the country and undecided voters what he could do to make us great, he did this. He's not only the worst president in the history of the country, he's quite possibly the worst person ever elected to office on the planet. Let that sink in.

  5. What's wrong with his left arm and shoulder? He never lifts it higher than other one and it looks really weak when he's talking. Is that because of covid? Or has it always been that way?

  6. Does anyone know which rally it was when our president said we got it it all. Talking about the spying on his campaign. Then he very strongly says. "Its Enough"

  7. Notice that we haven't had all those false flags (staged shootings at cinemas, schools, restaurants etc) to demonize guns in a vain attempt to get them banned by lobbyists since Trump has been in.

  8. How well US and 30 nations minimize Deaths by C-VIRUS, in % of a common global measure? – Data reported are extracted from World Bank, WHO, JHU under a Restricted Report Space ordered by JHU/PITT-U prof. at 'in', Utube & 1M+Goog. citations/Amazon]: U.S. 2.69 -Grmn 2.71 -Swtz 2.85 -NL 2.96 -AU 3.3 -Spn 3.4 -Irlnd 3.8 -Frnc 3.8 -Cnd 4.9 -Blgm 4.9 -Chn 5.4 -Irn 5.7 -Swdn 5.7 -UK 6.1 -Itly 9.0 -Mxco 10.1; Group 2: Sngpr 0.05 -Cracao 0.14 – Iclnd 0.28 -Mldvs 0.33 -Fr-Plns 0.37 -Bhrn 0.38 -Dubai 0.41 -Cmn-Ilnd 0.43 -Lchtstn 0.45 -Israel 0.73 -Aruba 0.79 -Mnco 0.77 -Czch 0.84 -NZ 1.33 -JP 1.80. Sadly most "ONE LINERS" and ~ half Gate Keepers from political rivals DELETE THESE FACTS, which empty much of election claims, some by FUNDAMENTAL SCIENCE MISCONCEPTIONS/VIOLATIONS, E.G. -(a) "TOTAL DEATH NUMBERS" essentially reflect ONLY the SIZE of a national population – wrongly used in the U.S. to attack the president (b) 'Group 2' reflects High Care quality of Nursing-Caring-Health-Centers, Tight Borders, Reduced-U.S.-Big-Drug/Food-Co-dominance, etc. (c) "Death/1M-Pop" fails as "Proof of Pandemic Past v. Projected Prepare-ability" (PPPPP) of global governments [Refs]. Thus, what remains for COMPARATIVE STUDIES of all nations are "% C-VIRUS FATALITIES"

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