Jeff Bezos At The Economic Club Of Washington (9/13/18)

Amazon CEO and founder Jeff Bezos participates in the Milestone Celebration Dinner at the Economic Club of Washington in Washington, D.C.

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Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Live Interview at the Economic Club of Washington – Sept. 13, 2018 | CNBC


  1. Ami pare extrem de rau ,de toata situatia. Nu cunosc genul de persoane prezente sau prezentate ,si o stiti . Am raspuns clar nu fac parte dintr_o mahala care arunca fura si minte _ indiferent


    ㅡ《오대사회의 천도사상》 ㅡ

    순임금/(은나라 ㆍ상나라)》사상적 천도
    사상 통치학의 교본서이다

    ㅡ《배달국 입도식》《배달국의 제5대
    태우의 임금의 동시기에 염제신농씨의 입도식 인신우두 입도 하였다 》

    ㅡ《춘제시기》/《차이나 춘제ㅡ우주의
    봄의 시작은 노아의 홍수 이후 부터 우주의 절기생성시기이다 》

    ㅡ《천도사상》/《우주의 봄의 시작ㅡ
    《천명》ㆍ《천검》ㆍ《천리이치》로서 통치학문 교본서 ㅡ도정정치/(입도식
    ㅡ이도지치 ㅡ도정정치)ㅡ성리학 이기론
    사단/(대자연 만선지원 맹자의 성선설 이론)~칠정/(여자가 아랫도리로 부터 칠거지악의 사회악의 근간이 된다) 》

    ㅡ《덕치생성시기》/《요임금ㆍ순임금 시기가 하늘의 천도사상 ㅡ자연의 덕이 생성시기로서 다스리는 통치학문 덕치가 생성시기이다》

    ㅡ《중국송나라시기》/《주돈이 태극도설

    ㅡ《삼묘족생성시기》/《성강가 ㅡ우주강가 ㅡ진주강가 뿌리에서 일석삼전 삼묘족 ㅡ고산족의 한족으로서 중국민족 & 유목민의 떠돌이 민족 한국 & 하천민의 일본민족으로
    서 구성되어 이것이 인류시원역사의뿌리본
    원이다ㆍ그뿌리가 신농씨가 입도식 ㅡ인신우
    두ㅡ삼묘족의 뿌리본원이 된다 》

    ㅡ《중국/(하나라 ㆍ상나라)》ㅡ《천도사상
    》ㅡ《천명사상》ㅡ《천리이치》ㅡ《다스리는 하나의 마음》/(성리학법통통치학) 도치
    정치사상ㅡ도심지치ㅡ이도지치 ㅡ덕치일본
    정치가 근본이 된다 이것이 통치학의 교본서
    가 된다ㅡ《일음일양지위도》ㅡ《통치학의
    교본서》 ㅡ《덕치일본 ㆍ포덕일본》ㆍ
    《상포덕ㆍ하백성순응》ㅡ《우주천체계의 제질서》이다


    ㅡ20세기는 현대사회는 물질성장기
    시대로서 이분법적 세계관《칼마
    르크스 사상》지배하였사오며ㅡ
    21세기 《오대사회》는 《강주효
    /(ju hyo kang )》의 《도치정치사상》 ㅡ《도치정치제도》ㅡ《덕치일본
    ㆍ포덕지치ㆍ상포덕 ㆍ하백성순응》
    《자연제법질서》의 근본이치가 된다

    아울러 《오대사회》는 강주효의 《도치정치사상》 ㅡ《천도사상》
    《다스리는 하나의 근본정치》ㅡ
    《이도지치》ㅡ《법통통치학》의 교본서이다

    하나되는 것이 《 음양오행설의 천인
    합일》이 된다 ㆍ이것이 본태양 제4차
    원의 《절대신》ㅡ《유일인》ㅡ
    통치자》ㅡ《주제ㆍ관장 ㆍ주도》하게 될것이다 ,천지동근 ㅡ만물일체ㅡ심신
    일체가 된다

    고로 현대사회는 칼마르크스 공산주의사상이 지배을 했다면은 21세기 오대사회는 강주효의 정치사상이 우주세계을 지배하게 되는 근본귀일ㅡ무시강역사ㅡ무종강역사의 창세기의 근본뿌리가 우주강가ㅡ성강가
    ㅡ진주강가 ㅡ석양/태양ㅡ백옥정기ㅡ옥문화
    옥황상제 정치시대가 도래하게 되오며ㆍ모든 우주권력은 진주강가의 뿌리가 삼생만물을 만물유기체로서 다스리는 하나의 마음의 근본정치가 도둑놈이 없는 청정한 사쇠가 인간의 행로지도가 될 것입니다


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  4. you have to go back in history to realize that most people from the East European countries, including Russia, have come from the original Huns, Attilla, etc., etc., and the metaprogrammed brains of these people, emotional and intelligent. unexpressed(99% of heredity) expressed by Lenin, Stalin, Putin, etc., etc., are particularily brutal, revengeful, and very self-serving. They carry that consciousness through the generations, latent or expressed. All we can do is forgive them at all turns of the wheel, and forgive ourselves as well, especially we Caucasians who come from a partial mind-set of Europe and metaprogrammed by the Holy Roman Empire to set ourselves above the rest of humanity, the result of which has put millions into slavery, realtime and economically and also resulted in the genocide of over 100 million American Indians. Wie Schade!, Wie Schade!

  5. Jeff I paid into the Royal Masonic Trust for Girls' and Boy's in the hope that this would help Michael's education. Michael dressed up as a Shephard also, great flight. Rachael Miles

  6. In the end when he was talking about 1trillion humans in the solar system, really imagine 1,000 Einstein's lol

  7. I just found this video now (oops, I am late). I was doing research about "who owns the media". We should not have a world with such enormous equality (we should all be asking "how did we get here?". It is frightening how much power a handful of individuals now have. They can (and do!) take large chunks of profits ($billions) and invest in "philanthropy". For instance, lot of powerful people have created Foundations that serve a couple of purposes. First, their "projects" allow them to hang on to, and work with a lot of money that really is unpaid tax $, and secondly, it allows them to influence some area of particular interest. We are now in a dangerous situation where unelected people are shaping our institutions, our culture and our world… because they have the money (power) to do so. That being said, I cannot help but like Jeff Bezos from this (excellent) interview. What he said about "intuition" and "heart" blew me away. He is pointing out our humanity and the importance of those qualities, and whether consciously or not, he is talking about the soul. These are things that I am discussing in a book I am currently writing, and I believe that what he said is enormously important. I am surprised and impressed by this interview. It is actually is giving me a bit of hope, that not all powerful men become changed by money and power, and start developing a god complex, reducing other people to mere objects. Maybe not every person who achieves so much power has to lose (or sell) their soul along the way. I guess we can wait and see.

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  9. God, how come this guy is richer than Elon Musk?? He seems so stupid by comparison with Musk. A doctor should prescribe him with cannabis, it just might kickstart his brain.

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  13. MSM lied us into every war… what institution? Look what they did to Bernie because he wanted healthcare

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