Isaiah Washington Says Ellen Pompeo Was Paid To Keep Quiet About 'Toxic' Patrick Dempsey

Isaiah Washington claims “Grey’s Anatomy” star Ellen Pompeo was paid $5 million to keep quiet about their “toxic and nasty” co-star Patrick Dempsey. Plus, Washington says he was originally paid to not audition for the hit medical drama. Carlos Bustamante and Morgan Hoffman react on ET Canada Live.

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  1. This show needs to be cancelled!!!!!! It was a soap opera in the beginning & still is seriously who watches GA time to kill it & make better shows…….

  2. Patrick had allegations of domestic violence against him which were later proven to be false by the source itself. Him and Ellen have admitted that the environment was toxic towards the end and that they were fighting because he had long hours and he wanted to go home to his family. However he has apologized for the arguments that broke out on set and him and Ellen have already worked things out and have called themselves best friends in a very recent podcast. Patrick has on numerous occasion proven that he is a great guy and everyone in the caste loves him and even said they missed him. He is flawed but every human is. Its hard being a celebrity. Atleast hes not homophobic and violent not to mention downright disrespectful I believe that this is a very manipulated story on Issiah's part, sorry that,s just my perspective. I am a huge Ellen Pompeo fan and I trust her judgment

  3. Damn, money brings the worse out of people. And to take the money to cover someone else’s is even more disturbing

  4. If Patrick is so toxic, then why wouldn’t it get out from other movies he’s been on? He’s an ambassador and spokesmen for many brands. He may have been toxic the last season as a Reason to get out of his contract. I’ve not ever heard any negative comments about him except from Isaiah. Isaiah is confusing the $5 which then was $2 million the next day as a settlement from Ellen’s pay equality. His whistleblower timeline is way off too. It’s very hard to believe that after all these behind the scenes pictures that Patrick and Ellen weren’t friends and just acting. I agree the last year was awful but seriously move on. Until the next time he brings this up.

  5. Ellen has talked about the show being very toxic and after Patrick was fired from the show Ellen and Shonda made sure not to have toxic behavior on set anymore so a lot of things behind the scenes had to change and my guess is that some actors didn't like those changes and decided to leave the show. Even Patrick has said that by the end of his run on the show people were afraid of him on set and that he was a nightmare to work with.

  6. First off isn’t it a whole lot of strange Ellen Pompeo came out of nowhere to be the star of a show like Greys anatomy? She was not even recognized on the street? She was pretty much a nobody who had been in a few B movies! Next Ellen can not act! That’s just facts! Certainly not a leading lady to a actor for either Patrick or Isaiah! The Christina characters actress and Izzy are both excellent actresses who walk all over Ellen in talent! Also and I don’t care who likes it or not I’m a Trump supporter! I don’t attack others over their political views or choices nor would a judge someone who doesn’t agree with me politically! Ellen Pompeo wrote on Twitter no Trump supporters were welcome to watch her show! Ok fine! Don’t have to ask me twice! I’m also married to a totally disabled veteran, wounded warrior who trained troops for three Presidents! Two of them Democrats so yeah we are always packing and there’s a gun in every room but the closets and bathrooms! Also Patrick Dempsey had already been killed off and he’s only reason I stayed after Isaiah left and Christina and Izzy were gone and sorry Greys fans but Ellen can’t carry that show without the real talent!

  7. This is not doing anything good gossip bad mouthing STOP talk positive they all forgiven each other and they are good friends now who hasn’t ever lost their temper FORGIVE and move on this is a great show stop trashing

  8. LMAO WHO SRSL WHO EVER CARED FOR BURKE?! Derek died 6 years ago and fans still attack greysabc for MerDer, NONE LITERALLY NONE REMEMBERS BURKE!

  9. Isaiah is trash and he was the weakest actor on the show from the beginning. There’s a reason he’s been blacklisted, no one wants to work with a toxic fading bigot.

  10. Patrick Dempsey was responsible for much of the drama on set and I think Katherine and Isaiah were used as scapegoats. I do wonder if the 5 Million Doller payoff is true because Isaiah has been very clear about the fact that he hates the show so if this was true then why has he waited so long to mention it. Seems a little untrue.

  11. They are ready to end this show. So why bring up all of this gossip that happened on set present and past.

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