Inflation A Key Issue For Voters In Battleground Pennsylvania Ahead of Midterms

As we look ahead to the midterms in our “County to County” series, NBC News’ Dasha Burns speaks to voters in Luzerne County, Pennsylvania about how inflation has impacted their lives and businesses. Increasing gas, grocery and supply prices are heavy on the minds of voters, as some say they feel left behind by the Democratic party.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Inflation A Key Issue For Voters In Battleground Pennsylvania Ahead of Midterms


  1. People are stupid…….inflation was going to happen even if the Queen of England was president! If you don't know economics dont blame events that were going to transpire anyway!

    1. Fed has been assets purchasing and print money for over a decade. They tried to slow down printing money back in 2016 and the markets went crazy
    2. We printed like 4 trillion dollars in 2020-2021
    3. Nothing stays "the same" forever! We always see an economic downturn every 10-15 years!
    4. The pandemic made things worse!
    5. 1% percent owns 84% percent of the stock market and they got out of the market back in December 2021.
    6. If you are financial able you always prepare for a downturn!

  2. I don’t think politics is only problem with supply shortage,it will not change until pandemic slowdown if you think anyone person at politician who will say anything to win power,he is up for wide awakening.

  3. stupid Republican voters, when do Republicans ever cared about the working blue collars? They only care about the rich, cutting taxes for the billionaire and millionaire… inflation doesn't happen overnight or in 1 year but over a long time like the last 4-5 years.

  4. BREAKING NEWS.. After a day of debate, the voting rights bill is BLOCKED in the Senate!! It's not a voting RIGHTS issue, they just want more "Voters Privileges".. (1) voting by mail, (2) early voting. So the #demorats can continue to CHEAT & LIE.

  5. Inflation? Really? Well there are 30 men in the top 1% that have gone from billionaires to trillionaires. Hate to break it to you, if you’re middle class you’re voting against your own best interest voting red. They block the continuation of the child tax credit. Blocked raising the minimum wage . The don’t care about anything but money and power for themselves.

  6. GOP tax cuts for the wealthy have never boosted the US economy but they have worsened income inequality and increased state and federal debt. Since 1933, the US economy has grown at an annual average rate of 4.6 percent under Democratic presidents and 2.4 percent under Republicans. Ten of eleven U.S. recessions between 1953 and the present began under Republican presidents.

  7. Inflation may get hella bad if the BBB doesn't connect up infrastructure, resource necessary goods, and it gets passed, but all the partisan obstruction needs to end for a national direction the likes that hasn't been attempted since FDR. I fear this 20th century approach to get out of a 21st century problem

  8. I live in PA and I can tell you that Biden is NOT at fault.. Biden has no control over prices these companies charge. Stop trying to blame Biden… We are ALSO in A Pandemic, that started while trump was in office, then BIden got left with the dirty dishes… Wake up… If trump was still president, the prices would be the same maybe higher…

  9. Sometimes, it is how you shine in the darkness during other people's misery that is remembered more than anything you could have said or done when you have suffered just as much as cryptocurrency has been my path way to financial breakthrough.

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